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SHE LOOKS SO YOUNG, you would not sus­pect that she is the pres­i­dent of a very promis­ing com­pany that is es­pous­ing the con­sump­tion of healthy meat prod­ucts, specif­i­cally pork.

Well, An­gel­ica Costales is ac­tu­ally only 22 years old, but she is well equipped to take charge of pop­u­lar­iz­ing Pork­ganic, the brand of or­ganic pork pro­duced by Costales Food Philip­pines. The com­pany was con­cep­tu­al­ized only last year in an­swer to the clamor for more healthy food prod­ucts.

The Costales Na­ture Farms, the mother com­pany, is well known for its or­ganic veg­eta­bles, and has re­ceived sev­eral awards for these. An­gel­ica says that peo­ple don’t only want or­ganic veg­eta­bles and fruits. They also need healthy meat prod­ucts as their source of protein.

An­gel­ica is just right for the job be­cause she fin­ished BS Agri­cul­tural Biotech­nol­ogy ma­jor in food tech­nol­ogy at UP Los Baños. This is a branch of sci­ence which is geared to­wards im­prov­ing the taste and nu­tri­tional value of food prod­ucts. And food biotech­nol­ogy in­volves the use of ben­e­fi­cial micro­organ­isms.

Right now, An­gel­ica is also en­rolled in a one-year course in culi­nary stud­ies. She at­tends classes in a culi­nary school three times a week. This will en­able her to come up with cre­ative prepa­ra­tions

An­gel­ica Costales: Very young but equipped with the rel­e­vant tech­ni­cal skills. The left photo shows her with ‘Pork­ganic’ prod­ucts.

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