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HERE IS ONE IN­VEST­MENT SCHEME in a small dairy project that is es­pe­cially de­signed for OFWs, re­tirees and as­pir­ing agri-en­trepreneurs. It can be ob­tained through in­stall­ment or on a lay-away ba­sis if one does not have the cash right away. This is the Dairy Gold dairy in­vest­ment scheme be­ing of­fered by King Ranch Dairy Farm, which has a thriv­ing milk­ing herd in Rosario, Batan­gas. It is run by the fa­ther-and-son tan­dem of Alex and King Car­los. Based on their own ex­pe­ri­ence, small-scale dairy­ing can be a good mon­ey­mak­ing propo­si­tion that can be un­der­taken in many parts of the coun­try.

Here is how the scheme works. In­vestors can choose from three pack­ages which one they think best suits their cir­cum­stances. Pack­age A con­sists of three Hol­stein-Sahi­wal heifers that are al­ready three months preg­nant. Pack­age B con­sists of 5 head, while Pack­age C con­sists of 10 an­i­mals.

The Hol­stein-Sahi­wal crosses from New Zealand have been proven to be highly adapt­able to the trop­i­cal cli­mate of the Philip­pines. Each cow is priced at R130,000 and can be paid for on in­stall­ment within 12 months.

How soon can that in­vest­ment be re­cov­ered? King Car­los ex­plains that a few months af­ter re­cip­i­ents re­ceive their preg­nant an­i­mals, the cows will give birth and start pro­duc­ing milk for up to 300 days. In the first year of milk­ing, one cow can give an av­er­age of 10 liters a day, and these can be sold for R50 per liter for an av­er­age in­come of R500 per day for each an­i­mal.

As per their ex­pe­ri­ence, King said, one can make a profit of R11,500 per month from each cow by sell­ing the raw milk at R50 per liter. That means R138,000 per head in one year. Of course that could vary de­pend­ing on how the an­i­mals are man­aged. He said that gen­er­ally, the cost of the cow and other ex­penses can be re­cov­ered in 16 months.

Aside from dairy farmer’s in­come from milk, the calves are an ad­di­tional bonus. A fe­male calf, when raised to breed­ing age, will nor­mally fetch R80,000, ac­cord­ing to King. On the other hand, a male that is raised for slaugh­ter may sell for R40,000 in less than one year. When it is raised for breed­ing, the bull can fetch R55,000 per head.

Cows on the milk­line at the King Ranch.

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