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A TO­TAL AREA of 13,151.36 hectares of Philip­pine agri­cul­tural land is planted to egg­plant. The CALABARZON (Cavite, La­guna, Batan­gas, Rizal, and Que­zon) area is one of the top egg­plant pro­duc­ing re­gions of the coun­try, with 15,934 met­ric tons (MT) in Jan­uary-June 2016. Que­zon is the main source of egg­plant pro­duc­tion in the area (PSA, 2016). Lito Cabr­era or “Ka Lito” of Can­de­laria, Que­zon, and Cipri­ano Azu­cena or “Ka Sipreng” of Tiaong, Que­zon, both egg­plant grow­ers, have been sat­is­fied with their har­vests since 2010, as they have en­joyed 16.26 MT of egg­plants per hectare har­vest. This was af­ter their crops were sprayed with a highly ef­fec­tive fo­liar fer­til­izer. They also found that the av­er­age yield of 13.01 MT/ha can in­crease by 25% through proper plant nu­tri­tion.

Me­ga­tonic, a multi-ben­e­fi­cial fer­til­izer dis­trib­uted by Van­nHawk Agro Chem­i­cal, in­creases the yield of Class A egg­plants by 15-25% per har­vest. The ev­i­dent char­ac­ter­is­tics of egg­plants for­ti­fied with Me­ga­tonic are broader, greener leaves and im­proved flow­er­ing in­ten­sity that in­creases food pro­duc­tion. The crops’ re­sis­tance against dis­eases is also in­ten­si­fied to en­sure higher yields and a more mar­ketable qual­ity of pro­duce.

Cabr­era is one of the pi­o­neer users of Me­ga­tonic in his com­mu­nity, and most of his co-farm­ers are amazed by how his egg­plants grow abun­dantly and vig­or­ously. He is the risk-taker type of busi­ness­man who con­tin­u­ously finds in­no­va­tive ways to in­crease his har­vest and im­prove crop qual­ity to sat­isfy his mar­ket. When he first learned about Me­ga­tonic, he tried it im­me­di­ately to prove its claims—and he says he had no re­grets. He is con­sis­tently sat­is­fied with its ef­fect on his egg­plant and other crops such as corn and hot pep­per, and he praises the prod­uct as be­ing “na­pakahusay” (very good).

Azu­cena, for his part, says that Me­ga­tonic is best be­cause with it, he is a win­ner de­spite the chal­lenges of cli­mate change, high sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to plant dis­eases, and the low qual­ity of egg­plant pro­duce. He strived to find ways to im­prove the mar­ketabil­ity of his pro­duce and in­crease yields, and says that Me­ga­tonic was one of his weapons for a suc­cess­ful har­vest. The con­tin­u­ous high qual­ity har­vest of egg­plant, sea­son af­ter sea­son, el­e­vated his stan­dard of liv­ing and farm­ing. He was able to buy a jeep­ney that trans­ports his egg­plants and other crops faster and eas­ier to the mar­ket. More im­por­tantly, he says he now has more qual­ity time with his wife and kids.

Me­ga­tonic doesn’t only sat­isfy Cabr­era’s and Azu­cena’s de­sires for mega-qual­ity of egg­plant pro­duce and high yields, it is also mega-ef­fec­tive on other crops such as corn, hot pep­per, squash, and onion.

Lito “Ka Lito” Cabr­era of Can­de­laria, Que­zon (left) and Cipri­ano “Ka Sipreng” Azu­cena of Tiaong, Que­zon, both sat­is­fied egg­plant grow­ers, in their re­spec­tive farms.


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