Dumaguete Long Pur­ple: a waterlogging-tol­er­ant egg­plant

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EGG­PLANT is a pop­u­lar veg­etable that is cul­ti­vated for its im­ma­ture fruits, which may be fried, pick­led, pro­cessed, roasted, or stuffed. Young fruits are also eaten raw. Egg­plant can be grown from low- to mid-el­e­va­tion ar­eas through­out the year. High­est pro­duc­tion can be achieved dur­ing the cool, dry months. It thrives best in sandy loam soil with pH 5.5-6.5.

The Dumaguete Long Pur­ple is an old va­ri­ety that is waterlogging-tol­er­ant egg­plant that ma­tures in 100 days and yields 20-25 tons per hectare (t/ha). Its fruits are large, slightly ta­per­ing, shiny, and green­ish pur­ple.

Waterlogging-tol­er­ant egg­plants with re­sis­tance against bac­te­rial wilt and other ma­jor dis­eases can be used as stock plants with high-yield­ing tomato cul­ti­vars as scions. Grafted plants can be grown as al­ter­na­tive crops dur­ing the rainy months or off­sea­son pro­duc­tion of toma­toes.


Land Prepa­tion Pre­pare land by plow­ing and har­row­ing twice. Make fur­rows 1 me­ter (m) apart. Spread fully de­com­posed chicken ma­nure along rows at 1 kilo­gram (kg)/m or 500 grams (g)/hill. Ap­ply com­plete fer­til­izer (1414-14) at 10-35 g/hill and lightly cover with soil. Es­tab­lish fur­rows 0.75 m or 1 m apart.

Seedling Pro­duc­tion Pre­pare five seedbeds mea­sur­ing 1 m x 10 m each. In­cor­po­rate 1 kg fully de­com­posed chicken ma­nure and 300 g car­bonized rice hull per square me­ter.

Fig. 1. Fruits of DLP egg­plant va­ri­ety (CSC, UPLB-IPB n.d.).

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