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When is it bet­ter to feed a dog wet food, and when is it bet­ter to feed it dry food? Or is a com­bi­na­tion of the two bet­ter?

Ac­cord­ing to Katy, “Dry dog food is spe­cially for­mu­lated to give the bal­anced nutri­tion needed by dogs. Wet dog food is usu­ally given to dogs that do not have an ap­petite or are picky eaters.” She adds, “What is good about Yum Yum Dog Food, it has fla­vor pep­tides and B com­plex that makes the dog food fla­vor­ful and boosts the ap­petite of your dog.” word of cau­tion: re­sist the urge to feed your dog hu­man food off the ta­ble. Hu­man food is more fla­vor­ful and as a re­sult, your dog may wind up pre­fer­ring it to the food which is pre­pared with ca­nine nu­tri­tional needs in mind. This can lead to kid­ney and other dis­eases and prob­lems.

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