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This North­ern dog is char­ac­ter­ized by the fol­low­ing:

• A pointed muz­zle typ­i­cal of spitzes and a wedge­shaped head

• Small, up­right-point­ing ears which add to its so­called “cute­ness fac­tor”

• Medium-length neck topped by a thick ruff

• Short, cobby body which is nonethe­less well-bal­anced

• “Spec­ta­cle” mark­ings around the eyes which give it an ap­peal­ing, in­quis­i­tive ex­pres­sion, a “smile” that is most of­ten de­scribed as “fox­like,” and curled lips that in­di­cate its friend­li­ness

• Soft, thick, two-lay­ered (dou­ble) coat that stands out from the body and looks gray; the un­der­coat is pale cream or grey while the over­coat is black-tipped

• “Dutch­man’s breeches” or mark­ings on the thighs that make it look like the Keeshond is wear­ing pan­taloons

• Curled tail that looks like a plume

• Fast mover but gait is ‘clean’

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