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Though it looks del­i­cate, the Keeshond is a sturdy dog who can thrive on a diet of good dog food. Own­ers are ad­vised to feed pup­pies at reg­u­lar times dur­ing the day to get it used to a feed­ing sched­ule. You should also brush your Keeshond regularly; some own­ers rec­om­mend that this be done for an hour once a week, while oth­ers brush them lightly for ten to twenty min­utes a day. What’s im­por­tant is to keep the coat from mat­ting, as the re­moval of mats can be te­dious and may hurt the dog. You’ll also be glad to know that groom­ing is op­tional, and shav­ing the coat is not rec­om­mended. Be­cause they don’t have that “doggy smell” char­ac­ter­is­tic of other breeds, the Keeshond need not be bathed fre­quently; once a month seems work for many own­ers. You may as well trim your Keeshond’s nails at the same time. Once a week, in­spect your dog’s ears for any bad odors, dirt, or red­ness, which may be signs of in­fec­tion. And it’s a good idea to brush your Keeshond’s teeth two to three times a week at the min­i­mum; just don’t use reg­u­lar hu­man tooth­paste!

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