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For mon­ster fish keep­ers, feed­ing live fish not only pro­vides nour­ish­ment but en­ter­tain­ment as well. This is the way of na­ture: the big fish eats the lit­tle fish. How­ever, not ev­ery­body is a fan of of­fer­ing live fish as these feeder fishes may be a source of dis­eases or par­a­sites. Some fish hob­by­ists do not con­done feed­ing live fish be­cause they claim these come from pol­luted wa­ters; thus they are dirty and har­bor par­a­sites. I fully agree with this state­ment. But does that stop me from feed­ing live fish? No, it does not. While some fishes like the Pea­cock Basses from the genus Cichla and the Tiger­fishes from the genus Dat­nioides are gen­er­ally pis­civ­o­rous, they may be weaned off live fish and of­fered fresh meaty food. How­ever, there are some fishes that are strictly pis­civ­o­rous and you are left with no choice but to feed them live fish. In which case, don’t feed them sick fishes or the ones with par­a­sites. Care­fully se­lect healthy ones to be of­fered for food.

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