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As we start a new year, it is An­i­mal Scene’s hope that we will all start a new way of liv­ing with our com­pan­ion an­i­mals. They give us joy, af­ter all.

I will keep an open mind about other pets.

I will not say “Kadiri” or “Gross!” when I en­counter an ex­otic pet. Ev­ery an­i­mal has its own ap­peal, af­ter all, and its role to play in this world. I un­der­stand that my pet is a life­time com­mit­ment.

I will never throw away or dis­pose of my pet just be­cause he or she is no longer trendy or cute. And I un­der­stand the dan­gers of dump­ing an un­wanted fish into a lo­cal stream or re­leas­ing a non-lo­cal an­i­mal into the wild.

I will bring my pets to the vet when they are ill.

I will not let my pet be­come a sad aban­don­ment or ne­glect story, ever, just be­cause it was sick and I didn’t want to spend mon­eyand time tak­ing him or her to the vet. I re­al­ize that if I have money for a pure­bred dog or cat, then there is no ex­cuse! Same goes for res­cues or adopted an­i­mals. They de­serve the best love and care be­cause a pet is a life­time com­mit­ment.

I will give my pet love and care.

I re­al­ize that not all pets can be loved in the way a dog, cat, ham­ster, bird, or other tra­di­tional pet can be loved, but I will treat them with care.

It’s so easy, isn’t it? If we can tick off just one item from this list, we’ll have one great res­o­lu­tion ful­filled!

I will keep learn­ing about my pet.

The best food, what not to feed it, how to prop­erly care for it, what its com­mon dis­eases and be­hav­ioral prob­lems are—in an era where in­for­ma­tion is read­ily avail­able on­line, why not take ad­van­tage so that you can be­come a great pet owner (or par­ent)?

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