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Pray­ing man­tises can be kept roam­ing around your gar­den or you can ac­tu­ally have them as pets so you can ob­serve them more closely. An­i­mal Scene’s Nyza Ho sat down with man­tis ex­pert Arnie Desoloc for an in­ter­view about pray­ing man­tises.

Q1:How did you learn about the pray­ing man­tis?

A:One of my neph­ews brought home a man­tis and gave it to my son. Since I love pets and I like breed­ing an­i­mals, I re­searched how to care for pray­ing man­tises on that day; I read a lot on­line. Even­tu­ally, $ ]% * & # ]% % %

Q2:What made you want to have it as a pet?

A:They are not ven­omous, they are not noisy, they don’t need a lot of space, they are low main­te­nance. You can ei­ther cul­ture or col­lect their food.

Q3:What is your most un­for­get­table ex­pe­ri­ence with your pray­ing man­tis pet?

A:Many. Every time an ootheca hatches, every time there is a suc­cess­ful mat­ing, this hobby takes me to places I have never been to be­fore. While look­ing for a man­tis one time we were in Sa­mar I got lep­tospiro­sis!

Q4:What is the diet of your pray­ing man­tis?

A:I cul­ture B. lat­er­alis; it’s a kind of feeder roach most keep­ers have but I also have dif­fer­ent types of feeder [roaches] de­pend­ing on the size and re­quire­ments of the man­tis. I also col­lect grasshop­pers. but­ter­flies, fruit flies, and bot­tle flies as some species of man­tis are very picky eaters; some only (take)fly­ing prey.

Q5:Do you rec­om­mend pray­ing man­tis for be­gin­ner in­sect keep­ers? Why or Why not?

A:Ab­so­lutely yes; young and old can have a pet man­tis. There are be­gin­ner man­tis species and there are chal­leng­ing species for ex­pert keep­ers.

Q6:What were the chal­lenges that you faced in keep­ing pray­ing man­tises?

A:Breed­ing the ex­otic species; that’s the chal­lenge.

Q7:What are the tips that you can give to as­pir­ing man­tis keep­ers?

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