Ja­panese Pinecone Fish

Pineap­ple un­der the sea

Animal Scene - - CONTENTS - by Marielle Al­mario

The Ja­panese Pinecone is one of four species of pineap­ple-look­ing fish un­der the Mono­cen­tri­dae fam­ily. One could say their fea­tures re­sem­ble those of a pineap­ple and their physique, that of a pine cone.

In the same fam­ily, one other kind of fish sim­i­lar to the Ja­panese Pinecone in ap­pear­ance is the Pineap­ple fish -- gee, we won­der what it looks like! Also known by its sci­en­tific name, Clei­do­pus glo­ria­mari, the Aus­tralian Pineap­ple fish is the largest in the fam­ily, as big as eight inches in to­tal length, ac­cord­ing to a 2016 ar­ti­cle by Prac­ti­cal­fish­keep­ing. co.uk.

The Ja­panese Pinecone fish, just like the Aus­tralian Pineap­ple fish and two other sim­i­lar kinds of Mono­cen­tri­dae fish, looks aw­fully like a tiny pineap­ple swim­ming un­der the sea. Its body has a yel­low col­or­ing and its scales are out­lined in black, giv­ing it the il­lu­sion of a pineap­ple or pine cone. Its body size doesn’t grow over seven inches in to­tal, with most Pinecone fishes usu­ally be­ing only four to five inches in length, as re­ported by Pas­cualita Sa-a for Fish­base.de.

Thanks to be­ing the tini­est of the bunch, the Ja­panese Pinecone fish is more or less the “runt of the lit­ter” in the Mono­cen­tri­dae fam­ily.

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