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Pauleen Luna ang bashers sa kanyang Twitter account. Narito ang post niya:

“I DO NOT DISLIKE MAINE! I don’t know where some people got that idea. How I wish she could stay in the studio so we could all be close! But since she’s in the barangay, we don’t get the chance to bond katulad ng mga nasa Broadway.

“Please stop putting words into my mouth. Not beause sinagot ko ‘yung fans noon, galit ako sa AlDub Nation. Naiinis ako ‘ pag may inaaway, yes. Kasi hindi naman kailangang mang- away! Maine said that herself! self! What I seriously do not understand rstand is the fact that some of you ‘think’ that! I hate her, why??? Bakit t kailangan n’yo magimbento? Again, ain, we are a family in

Eat Bulaga! I’ve ’ve been on the show for 13 years so o please, take it from me, na pamilya lya kami doon.

“And lastly, astly, leave my 3 month- old d daughter out of this!!! NEVER got mad at anyone one who said Talitha a looks like Ryzza! ! Stop inventing. Naiinis ako sa mga ga tao na nagsasabi abi na magkamukha ha sila na may malice! alice! Meaning, pag ag may sad face, meaning, eaning nilalait nila si Ryzza ~ Im mad because children should be spared sa kung ano mang hate ang meron ang ibang tao. Now, if you continue to say bad things about these children especially my daughter, I will definitely report you to the NBI.

“You do not know what a mother can do to protect her child! SO PLEASE LEAVE TALITHA ALONE! And please, stop the hate. We love Maine, as much as we love everyong else in the show. Please stop thinking otherwise. Peace be with you all and God bless you!”

Pauleen, baby Tali at Vic

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