The language of heaven

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Saturday, September 16, 2017 23rd Week in Ordinary Time 1st Reading: 1 Tim 1:15-17 Gospel: Luke 6:43-49

meal. It was evident that he was cost cutting. “You told me you have been traveling as a backpacker around Europe for two months now”, I said. “What’s the point of giving up the comfort of home and going through the difficulties of travel?” “I’m writing a book on short stories and the hardships I encounter will help me write more realistic stories”, he explained. “You mean this travel is a preparation for your book?” I asked. He answered in the affirmative.

From out of his mouth came the answer I was looking for. This imperfect world is a preparation for that perfect one. This is what the Gospel of today is all about. A strong foundation is needed so that we may be attuned to the language of heaven – a language that includes forgiveness, humility and love, all in the context of faith. Without this world, there cannot be faith because faith is to believe in the things we do not yet see and understand.

Yes, Anthony, there is a perfect world, and it is not totally unrelated to this imperfect one. The harder you experience life on earth, the more the heart grows fonder of the life to come. And the more you merit from the trials of this world, the better you are equipped for that perfect world prepared for those who believe.–(

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