The heart of gratitude

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November 15, 2017 Wednesday, 32nd Week in Ordinary Time ST. JOSAPHAT 1st |Reading: Wis 6:1-11 Gospel: Lk 17:11–19

things the donor has done to him. Under this think-thank relationship, the deeper one’s reflection about the good received, the more intense his gratitude develops. In today’s Gospel reading the Samaritan made a deeper reflection after Jesus healed him of leprosy. Jews frowned upon Samaritans as outside the embrace of God’s graciousness for being unclean. To the Jews, that Samaritan was twice unclean. Considered unclean for being a Samaritan and not a Jew, he was also considered literally unclean for being a leper. Nonetheless Jesus cured him without further questions about his identity. Reflecting on this, the Samaritan felt so grateful and returned to Jesus to give him thanks.

Not all who think end up thanking. Proud people think a lot but they thank very little. They are so selfcentered that they think others are duty bound to do good to them. lepers probably thought they deserved the healing because as Jews they belonged to the chosen people of God. The Samaritan leper, on the other hand, was aware of his unworthiness and so felt so much gratitude. “Gratitude”, wrote Jean Baptiste Massieu, “is the memory of the heart”. This memory is sharpest when the heart is humble.

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