Resbak ni Greta: Ano’ng mapapala ko, di naman ako tatakbo! Kris hashtag kilig pa more sa pagiging sweet ni Herbert Kim Chiu sa nagreklamong fashion designer: Trabaho lang po!

Bandera (Mindanao) - - NEWS - BY ALEX BROSAS

First of all, as mentioned, I did not commission him for this project. I believe he had arrangements with FAMAS about providing gowns and suits for the FAMAS hosts.

"Secondly, it was absolutely okay with Kimto wear his creation, but it was John who backed out, as mentioned on his last message.

"Lastly, I believe the miscommunication was with FAMAS and not with Kim’s camp as he was coordinating everything with them, including the fitting schedule, as mentioned by him and the FAMAS representative. Kim is totally unaware of this; all she knows is there's a gown from John."

"As Kim’s stylist for three years now, I can wholeheartedly say that never once did Kim exhibit any negative attitude as to what to wear or not during an event. I understand John’s dismay, and we have so much respect for him, but I hope this clarifies the matter. Thank you."

That was Patty Yap’s explanation which came out in one online portal.

Reacting to the explanation, Kim tweeted, "I hope this clarifies everything sir @johnherreranews and I really hope to meet you personally not through your pep statement or with a third party. We are only doing our job which is our passion. much love and respect sir (heart emoticon).”

Palaban si Gretchen Barretto sa kanyang bashers online. When one guy said, “Ung Pag tulong mo sa mga kapusalad ay isang PAKITANG TAO MO LANG. ANG PLASTIK NG PAGKATAO MO,” La Greta’s retort was instant.

“@kendacico AND WHAT WILL I GAIN FROM BEING PLASTIC?! (or Pakitang tao ) I have retired from show business, I am not into politics. I do not need your approval. Move on...Get a life. You are projecting your anger & bitterness towards me.

"Be productive, work & earn a living & help others before you waste precious time on me. if you think you can bully me by posting nasty comments, this ones for you (kiss emoticon) BRING IT ON.... I’mready for you,” she said.

“Nuff said Gretchen. These fools have nothing else to do with their lives. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled by the negativity around you,” say ng fan niya.

“I’mjust having fun replying to fools,” sagot ni Greta.

One guy reacted and said, “She said in her video that she will try to be more mature and then this, having fun relying to people whom she calls fools.”

“@migphoenix. Yes, I said I will try to be more MATURE. I did not say I will BE MATURE TOMORROW... I said I will try. I can’t buy maturity, it’s out of stock for now it simply takes time. So here it goes...I want to have fun playing with cyber bullies,” came La Greta’s reply.

Tiniyak ni direk Erik Matti na magugustuhan ng tao si Liza Soberano bilang Darna.

“We need to see her in full physical form. Grabe 'yung change from a year ago when we started. That’s because of the dedication of Liza as well. She had to forego a lot of things,” say ni direk Matti in one interview which came out sa ABS-CBN online.

Meanwhile, sa Bagani ay nabahala ang kasamahan nina Ganda (Liza) at Lakas ( Enrique Gil) dahil ayaw nilang gumising. Ang fear nila ay binangungot ang dalawa. Pero nagising si Ganda at napasok siya sa digmaan.


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