Catriona Gray boring daw sumagot sa mga tanong

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Bumuwelta si Miss Unies verse-Philippines 2018 Catriang

ona Gray sa isang netizen na nagsabing boring siyang magsalita at sumagot sa mga tanong.

Ibinalita ni Catriona sa Instagram na napili siya bilang ambassador ng isang awardshonoured giving body, “Soh hounoured to al so be appointed as the ambassador of the 2018 Love Gala andRippleAwards. If you know of an individual, organization or project that has geniunely moved people towards uplifting the lives of those affected by the HIV-AIDS epidemic and has created a ripple of positive change in the community, you can nominate them for the 2018 Ripple Awards."

Comment nang isang IG foly lower ng beauty queen, “Don't get me wrong I admire how smart you are, but if I could hear someone always saying the same thing over and over again

in an interview or text, it sounds boring and monotonous.”

Sinagot naman ito ni Catriona ng, “It's called the Ripple awards. And whatever words I use: uplifting, empowering, making a difference—all familiar to the ear, but hugely relevant none the less."


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