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November 10, 2018 Saturday 31st Week in Ordinary Time Leo the Great 1st Reading: Phil 4:10–19 Gospel: Luke 16:9-15

Jesus said to his disciples, “And so I tell you: use filthy money to make friends for yourselves, so that when it fails, these people may welcome you into the eternal homes.“Whoever can be trusted in little things can also be trusted in great ones; whoever is dishonest in slight matters will also be dishonest in greater ones. So if you have not been trustworthy in handling filthy money, who could entrust you with true wealth? And if you have not been trustworthy with things which are not really yours, who will give you the wealth which is your own?“No servant can serve two masters. Either he does not like the one and is fond of the other, or he regards one highly and the other with contempt. You cannot give yourself both to God and to Money.”The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and sneered at Jesus. He said to them, “You do your best to be considered righteous by people. But God knows the heart, and what rises high among humans is loathed by God.”

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Just as any dirty broom can clean up untidy places, so money, which is associated with all kinds of evil can be put to good use. Jesus advised his listeners to use filthy money to widen their circle of friends. He said: “And so I tell you: use filthy money to make friends for yourselves, so that when it fails, these people may welcome you into the eternal homes.” Money is not evil in itself; it is how people use it that makes it filthy. When one uses money to help others, he is like sending construction materials for his future abode in heaven. The money he gives away is the only thing he can take beyond his grave.

Two sets of mentality account for the different attitudes of people towards money. The scarcity mentality prompts people to hoard because times are hard and one should save for the rainy days. Under this mentality people believe that they deserve to have exclusive enjoyment of their hardearned money. On the other hand, the abundance mentality empowers a person to share hard-earned resources. There is always enough for you and for me when it comes to noble causes. Faith plays a major role here, as the generous person puts his trust in the all Provident God.

We support the abundance mentality because it is in keeping with today’s Gospel message. While keeping for the rainy days is a virtue, it should not justify hoarding, bearing in mind the destiny of a person “who stores up treasure for himself in place of making himself rich in the sight of God” (Luke 12: 21). – (Atty.) Rev. Fr. Dan Domingo P. delos Angeles, Jr., D.M.


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