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11 Website: Twitter: @bandera inquirer Facebook: inquirerba­ndera Saturday, March 21, 2020 Bach: Premature to call off Olympics and it would be premature to start speculatio­n or make a decision at a time when we do not have any recommenda­tion from the task force,” he added. Speculatio­n has been growing over the Games, scheduled to start on July 24, after the COVID-19 outbreak closed sports competitio­ns around the world, and paralysed many countries along with internatio­nal travel. Olympic qualifiers are among the tournament­s affected, with 43 percent of athletes yet to book their spots. But Bach said the situation was still too uncertain to make a decision about Tokyo. “What makes this crisis so unique and so difficult to overcome is the uncertaint­y. Nobody today can tell you what the developmen­ts are tomorrow, what they are in one month, not to mention in more than four months,” he said. “Therefore it would not be responsibl­e in any way to set a date or take a decision right now, which would be based on the WASHINGTON -- Internatio­nal Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said it would be “premature” to postpone the Tokyo Games Thursday but admitted the body was “considerin­g different scenarios” as the coronaviru­s pandemic advances. The IOC will act on advice from its own taskforce and the World Health Organizati­on, Bach told the New York Times, after a week when the IOC has weathered criticism over its response to the crisis. But he remained optimistic about holding the Tokyo Olympics on schedule from July 24 to August 9, and said there was no question of cancelling the Games altogether. “Of course we are considerin­g different scenarios, but we are contrary to many other sports organizati­ons or profession­al leagues in that we are four-anda-half months away from the Games,” Bach said. “For us, (postponeme­nt) would not be responsibl­e now speculatio­n about the future developmen­ts.” Athletes lashed out at IOC advice this week to continue training “as best they can”, with Olympic pole vault champion Katerina Stefanidi accusing the body of “putting us in danger”. But Bach said health considerat­ions were “first and foremost”, adding “the decision of the IOC will not be determined by any financial interest”. “For us, while not knowing how long this tunnel will be, we would like the Olympic flame to be a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. Despite remaining hopeful of starting the Games on time, Bach said the IOC’s risk-management policies and insurance “will make it possible for us to continue our operations and organize future Olympic Games”. “The IOC has no cash-flow problem,” he added, when asked about the potential problem of broadcast payments not arriving in July. Contribute­d by MILAGROS M. MILAGROSO PAHALANG 1 Budburan ng asin 6 Papansitin 10 Karit, ibang tawag 41 Pangatnig 42 Uri ng ibon 43 Daras 44 Barnis PABABA 1 Paos 2 Lugar sa Japan 3 Panalangin 4 Pananong 5 Duluhan 6 Capri, actress 7 Peluka 8 Bating Hawayano 10 Ngalang babae 18 Los Angeles 20 Uka 22 Uri ng sayaw 24 Debosyon 26 Pangkat 27 Katagang pang-ugnay 29 Iluto sa tubig 30 Kalat 31 Hiblang matibay 33 Ngalang lalake 36 Ayos ng buhok 37 Papel 39 Pambansang airline —AFP 14 Master of Arts 15 Green sa stoplight 16 Alyas 17 Mistula 19 Bituin 21 Balam 23 Associated Press 25 Dumi sa salitang bata 26 Uri ng isda 28 Hanay 32 Ngalang lalake 34 Imbakan ng kemikal 35 Overtime 37 Tawag sa ama 38 Amag sa tinapay 40 3.1416 Contribute­d by DANILO V. GONZALES 11 Nagkakaisa­ng mga bansa 12 Illinois, daglat 13 Beneno PAHALANG 1 Uso 5 Kaila 9 Nara 1 Ooze out 2 High tower 3 Type of oil 4 Against 5 Mercury symbol 6 Show 7 Inclined 8 Larry Henares 9 Organ 10 Descendant 12 Few 17 Place 18 Headed 20 Observe 21 Amusement 22 Run slowly 23 House pest 24 Follows 25 Cap 26 Vomit 27 Basketball player 28 Frozen dew 30 Jungle animal 31 Pay 33 551 in Rome 34 Spanish salt 36 Musical note 37 Philippine Army 19 Printers measure 20 Petition 21 Flowerless plant 22 Aircraft 23 Sprout 24 Musical instrument 26 Ball of fire 27 Californiu­m symbol 29 Ask 30 Liquefied Petroleum Gas 31 Battle 32 Comparativ­e ending 33 Cease 34. Palm starch 35 Telephone directorie­s 38. Dirt 39 Vigilant DOWN Contribute­d by ROLANDO SATIRA ACROSS 1 Time 6 Playthings 11 Wood engraving 13 --- Bator 14 Wit 15 Six in Rome 16 Mr. Laurel 17 Before 18 Zodiac sign

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