Im­ports to pick up on ris­ing de­mand, in­vest­ment this year

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39.8 per­cent; feed­ing stuff for an­i­mals not in­clud­ing un­milled ce­re­als fell by 33.1 per­cent. Im­ports of al­most all in­ter­me­di­ate in­puts fell at vary­ing de­grees,” Dio­kno said.

Mean­while, data showed the com­modi­ties that posted the largest de­clines last De­cem­ber were Other Food and Live An­i­mals, with a con­trac­tion of 47.9 per­cent; Feed­ing Stuff for Ce­re­als (not in­clud­ing un­milled ce­re­als), 33.1 per­cent; and elec­tronic prod­ucts, 30.3 per­cent.

The list also in­cludes mis­cel­la­neous man­u­fac­tured ar­ti­cles, which posted a con­trac­tion of 18.1 per­cent, and min­eral fu­els, lu­bri­cants and re­lated ma­te­ri­als, 14 per­cent.

In 2015 the largest de­clines were noted in chem­i­cal com­pounds, which posted a con­trac­tion of 55.1 per­cent, and min­eral fu­els, lu­bri­cants and re­lated ma­te­ri­als, which posted a con­trac­tion of 40.1 per­cent.

In terms of im­port sources in De­cem­ber 2015, the top 3 were China, Ja­pan and the US, which ac­counted for 17 per­cent, 11.9 per­cent and 10.3 per­cent of to­tal im­ports, re­spec­tively.

Th­ese are also the Philip­pines’s largest im­port sources for the whole of 2015. China, the US and Ja­pan ac­counted for 16.2 per­cent, 10.8 per­cent and 9.6 per­cent of to­tal im­ports last year, re­spec­tively.

De­cem­ber im­ports from China amounted to $687.75 mil­lion, a de­crease of 13.7 per­cent, from $796.51 mil­lion in De­cem­ber 2014. In 2015 ship­ments reached $10.83 bil­lion, a 9.7- per­cent growth from $9.87 bil­lion.

Ship­ments from Ja­pan amounted to $481.57 mil­lion in De­cem­ber 2015. This rep­re­sented a 4.9-per­cent growth, from $459.16 mil­lion in De­cem­ber 2014.

The Philip­pines’s to­tal im­ports from Ja­pan amounted to $6.38 bil­lion in 2015. This was a 21.5- per­cent growth, from the $5.25 bil­lion recorded in 2014.

Pay­ments to the US for mer­chan­dise im­ports reached $417.05 mil­lion in De­cem­ber 2015. This, how­ever, was a 20.6-per­cent de­cline from the $525.58 mil­lion posted in De­cem­ber 2014.

For the Jan­uary-to-De­cem­ber pe­riod in 2015, the coun­try’s im­ports from the US amounted to $7.22 bil­lion. This was a 25.8- per­cent growth from $5.73 bil­lion in the same pe­riod in 2014.

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