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You’re or­di­nar­ily quite fond of be­ing up front and en­tirely ra­tio­nal, in all your deal­ings with oth­ers. It’s what makes your sign fa­mous for be­ing the very best friend any­one could pos­si­bly ask for.


Some­one is about to shirk their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties—and guess who’ll be asked to step in and take over? Yep. Now smile and ac­cept it gra­ciously. You’ll do a fine job of it. You might even en­joy it.


Each per­son is re­spon­si­ble for his or her own hap­pi­ness, so do not feel an obli­ga­tion top uta bright smile on the face of a no­to­ri­ous sour­puss. Stick to your op­ti­mism and your hap­pier out­look.


You’re def­i­nitely up for broad­en­ing your hori­zons, in a num­ber of ways. It might be ed­u­ca­tion, a more pub­lic way of ex­press­ing your po­lit­i­cal or re­li­gious views or even travel that beck­ons you.


You’ve been telling your­self for weeks that this is right—that it’s time to take that one gi­ant step to­ward in­ti­macy. Now that the of­fi­cial mo­ment seems to have ar­rived, how­ever, you’re not quite so sure.


You’ve been wait­ing for the uni­verse to send you some­one who’ll be able to give you ad­vice, coun­sel and the ben­e­fit of their ex­pe­ri­ences—plus a cou­ple of phone num­bers to call when you get where you’re go­ing.


Stop rid­ing that one par­tic­u­lar per­son so hard. Their meth­ods may not be sim­i­lar to yours—they may be en­tirely dif­fer­ent from your own—but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong or do­ing any­thing un­der­handed.


Pas­sion is on the agenda—se­ri­ous pas­sion. Now, this can go either way. It might mean you’re so in­fat­u­ated with some­one that you can’t even stand the thought of breath­ing if they’re not in the room.


Fam­ily mem­bers and old, dear friends will be­gin to play a far more se­ri­ous part in your life now—in the sense that they’ll need more of your time than they have in quite a while. You, of course, won’t mind a bit.


Ev­ery word that falls from your lips now will sound like a di­rect or­der to a well-or­ga­nized army. It’s not that you’re go­ing to be bark­ing out or­ders like a drill sergeant—your tac­tics would never, ever be that crass.


The end­less dilemma is upon you. Do you buy it now, when it’s not on sale, be­cause now is when you want it, or wait a while and risk los­ing your en­thu­si­asm for the en­tire project?


This is a won­der­ful op­por­tu­nity to fig­ure out what you don’ t want your life to be, and how you can avoid let­ting it get that way. Stay in con­trol of where your life is headed, and you will al­ways end up in the right place.

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