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Ev­ery now and then, your ver­bally re­bel­lious streak takes con­trol and be­comes hard to han­dle. For now, though, since you’ re per­fectly en­ti­tled to let some­one have it who’ s had it com­ing for some­time, why not in­dulge your­self?


Don’t be sur­prised if you reach the end of your rope to­day. What does that mean? Your hu­mor isn’t work­ing on this per­son, and you’re about to get down and dirty with some­one who’s re­ally ask­ing for it.


It’s easy to see how stay­ing at home might not be your fa­vorite ac­tiv­ity—at least, not on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, cer­tainly not alone, and def­i­nitely not now, when the stars are send­ing you all kinds of rev­o­lu­tion­ary en­ergy.


You’ve ac­quired a rep­u­ta­tion for be­ing con­sid­er­ate, co­op­er­a­tive and ex­tremely easy to get along with, but you might have to chuck that iden­tity out the win­dow, at least tem­po­rar­ily.


Friends are great, but when it comes right down to it, there’s noth­ing like the com­pany of fam­ily. The ca­ma­raderie, the shared ge­net­ics, the his­tory, the un­der­stand­ing—you love all of it.


You’re due for an ex­pe­ri­ence—the kind that takes you some­where you’ve never been be­fore. If you have a spon­ta­neous travel com­pan­ion, the de­sire to em­brace your wan­der­lust may be es­pe­cially ir­re­sistible.


A cer­tain some­one—af­ter yet an­other day of bor­ing through your soul with their pen­e­trat­ing glances—will fi­nally ap­proach you and say what’s on their mind: you! If you’re un­at­tached, this could be the one.


It’s a brave, brave soul who tries to put one over on you—and a fool­hardy one. You have ab­so­lutely no pa­tience for liars, and you’ve never been afraid to tell them just that.


The time to re­veal your­self may be­come ap­par­ent and un­avoid­able to­day. At the mo­ment, some­one who’s been dis­tanc­ing from you is about to ask for amends of some sort.


Whomever you’re tak­ing ro­man­tic aim at is def­i­nitely a marked man or woman so good luck to them. You’re gen­er­ously en­dowed with charm, the abil­ity to per­suade and an ab­so­lutely lethal amount of al­lure.


You may not ac­tu­ally be­lieve you’re re­spon­si­ble, but you know that some­one has to be in charge, and you, of course, are best equipped for the job—ev­ery­one knows that.


You need to make a de­ci­sion about let­ting a se­cret see the light of day. That’s not an easy thing for you, be­cause you can usu­ally see both sides of the is­sue. Use that keen in­tu­ition of yours to make the choice.

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