Devil’s rosary

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Fa­ther, have you heard about the devil’s rosary?” Paul asked. “No, what’s that?” “Rosaries ‘con­se­crated’ by the devil are be­ing dis­trib­uted!” he ex­plained.

“Con­se­crated rosaries? Do they get ‘cursed’ or ‘hexed’ so as to in­flu­ence those who use them?” I clar­i­fied. “I guess so,” said a con­cerned Paul, who sighed. “Peo­ple must be scared about this news!” “You bet! My class­mates asked their par­ish priest to have their rosaries re-blessed or ex­or­cised just to be sure.” He then pulled out his own rosary.

“That is in­deed un­for­tu­nate,” I said. “But I’m more con­cerned about a real rosary that the devil may use ef­fec­tively to lead oth­ers away from God!”

“Re­ally? What would that be?” Paul’s cu­rios­ity was sud­denly aroused.

“I wouldn’t re­ally call it a rosary, but more like a scourge with seven beads or knots.” “A scourge?” he sounded ter­ri­fied. “Yes, the scourge of the seven cap­i­tal sins,” I said. “How does he use it?” “The devil doesn’t ex­actly pray. More like, he preys on us by hop­ing that our at­tach­ment to vice will in­flu­ence oth­ers not to love God and oth­ers.” “Ew! That’s creepy!” “In fact, a rosary cursed by Satan can be ma­te­ri­ally scru­ti­nized and avoided. But we tend to be less vig­i­lant of the seven cap­i­tal sins, their ef­fects on us and their col­lat­eral dam­age on our neigh­bor.”

“So, when we com­mit them, we be­come like beads that he prays with?” Paul asked. “Not lit­er­ally!” I laughed at his de­scrip­tion. “I re­cently read part of a book en­ti­tled ‘Glit­ter­ing Vices,’” Paul shared.

“I heard that it’s a good read, Paul. What did you pick up?”

“To­day, peo­ple are down­play­ing the vices and their con­se­quences,” he con­cluded.

“Man’s pride al­ways has a way of jus­ti­fy­ing his ac­tions even though his con­science may say oth­er­wise.”

“True, Fa­ther. More­over, we are at a stage of parad­ing our vices as be­ing vir­tu­ous.” Paul scratched his head. “That is in­deed sad. We have reached the Ba­bel of moral deca­dence where bad is con­sid­ered good and vice versa.” “Ba­bel, Fa­ther?” “The state of moral con­fu­sion where vice is be­ing glam­or­ized and cel­e­brated by cul­tural and so­cio-me­dia icons. This Ba­bel of moral­ity hides the true face of sin and its ef­fects. Thus, one is more likely not to strug­gle against them. And as long as he is un­der the in­flu­ence of any vice, he can also lead many oth­ers down the same road.” “What can we do, Fa­ther?” “Help those who are blinded by their vices, com­pas­sion­ately guid­ing and en­light­en­ing them to be prayer­fully sin­cere with God and them­selves, and to fre­quent the sacra­ments, es­pe­cially Con­fes­sion and the Holy Eucharist. While they live, with the help of God’s grace, there is al­ways a chance at con­ver­sion.” “Is there any­thing more we can do, Fa­ther?” “What about we pray the Rosary to our Lady, Paul?”

“Not a bad idea, Fa­ther!”


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