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Fi­nally, at long last, the non­stop com­mu­ni­ca­tion sna­fus you’ ve been deal­ing with are com­ing to an end—just not quite yet. For to­day, in fact, things could still be just a lit­tle dif­fi­cult. Now, don’t get up­set.


Think things have been con­fus­ing lately? You’ve got an­other thing com­ing to­day. A cryptic mes­sage will throw your world into a tail­spin—just what you don’t need. Be­fore you get angry, sit with th­ese words for a while.


You’re as or­ga­nized as could be, but you’ve been deal­ing with some crazy non­sense for far too long, par­tic­u­larly when it comes to a pend­ing fam­ily mat­ter—and it’s ab­so­lutely mak­ing you nuts.


Most folks might won­der what to do with them­selves to­day, with so many mixed feel­ings cir­cu­lat­ing in the heav­ens. You, how­ever, will do just fine with the as­sort­ment of as­tral en­er­gies.


For weeks, you’ve been try­ing to get to the heart of a re­la­tion­ship mat­ter. Whether or not it’s your loved one’s fault, you’ve been tak­ing it out on them, and it’s cre­ated a wall be­tween you.


One-on-one re­la­tion­ships are your spe­cialty. So when sit­u­a­tions make it im­pos­si­ble to get in touch with some­one—for ex­am­ple, the chain of events you’ve been deal­ing with for the past sev­eral days—it’s es­pe­cially frus­trat­ing for you.


For­get about keep­ing quiet. You’re feel­ing that the time has of­fi­cially come to let the cat out of the bag. You may, how­ever, need to wait just a day or two be­fore you can say ev­ery­thing you've been hold­ing back.


You know the ex­pres­sion, ‘Hurry up and wait’? Well, that’s ex­actly what you’ll be do­ing for the next cou­ple of days. It's ag­gra­vat­ing for ev­ery­one, but in your case, you have to be es­pe­cially care­ful when it comes to money mat­ters.


The ac­tiv­ity level of the day may be low, but that doesn’t mean your mind won’t be work­ing in high gear! Stim­u­la­tion isn’t a re­quire­ment for ex­cite­ment. In fact, all the en­ergy you need is al­ready in­side of you.


The con­fu­sion and mis com­mu­ni­ca­tions of late are about to end soon. Of course, changes aren’ t al­ways im­me­di­ate, and it’ s go­ing to be a cou­ple of days un­til ev­ery­thing gets com­pletely straight­ened out.


Take care when deal­ing with other peo­ple to­day. Lis­ten to their sug­ges­tions with an open mind and let them vent their frus­tra­tions with­out of­fer­ing up your own opin­ion. Luck­ily you should find all this con­tention in­spir­ing!


You’ve had it with de­lays, road­blocks, in­ter­rup­tions and all the rest of those in­ter­est­ing do-not-pass-go sit­u­a­tions the uni­verse has glee­fully tossed in your path for the past sev­eral weeks—or has it been years?

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