Show­time: “Wala namo gibugaw si Pastil­las Girl!”

Cebu Libre - - FRONT PAGE - Vice Ganda ug si Pastil­las Girl

Ang Its Show­time mi­pa­gawas ug state­ment bahin “pimp­ing is­sue” kang Pastil­las Girl.

“The in­tent of the show is to help An­gel­ica Yap in her jour­ney to love and ac­cep­tance af­ter re­cov­er­ing from a failed re­la­tion­ship. Af­ter hear­ing Pastil­las Girl’s story, a mem­ber of the stu­dio au­di­ence named To­pher de­clared his in­tent in get­ting to know her.”

“Ne­ti­zen Jess also ex­pressed his feel­ings and flew all the way from Ba­colod to ABS- CBN com­pound just to see her. Ne­ti­zens Evan and Richard also went to the stu­dio to per­son­ally meet An­gel­ica,” nagkanayon ang state­ment.

It stressed that “”Nasaan Ka, Mr. Pastil­las?’ also shows the val­ues of for­give­ness, hon­esty, and be­ing open to new pos­si­bil­i­ties.

Kini nag­pa­matuod di­hang silang An­gel­ica ug En- zo, iya kan­hing boyfriend por­mal nag giputol ang ilang re­lasyon di­hang mi­pakita kini niad tong Septem­bre 19 sa Its Show­time, aron per­sonal man­gayog pasaylo sa pag­pasakit ni­ini ni An­gel­ica.

“She also rec­on­ciled with her friend Karen, now Enzo’s girl­friend, in an emo­tional re­union last Septem­ber 25. To­pher, one of An­gel­ica’s ad­mire r s , also patched things up with his ex-girl­friend, who came on the show last Septem­ber 21 to dis­cuss the prob­lems that caused their breakup.”

“All through­out, An­gel­ica has the free­dom of choice to do and re­veal what she wants. She was never forced to do any­thing in the seg­ment with­out her full con­sent.”

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