He’s been a good boy this year? In­stead of blow­ing all your cash on him, just blow him! It’s all he really wants for Xxx-mas any­way. Th­ese tips will make the ges­ture ex­tra spe­cial.

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the or­gan tuner

Kick off the fes­tive pe­nis party by lub­ing him up with saliva, but don’t go ham on the head right away— it’s su­per-sen­si­tive. Vary up the stim­u­la­tion, run­ning your tongue up and down his shaft like you’re a jazz mu­si­cian play­ing a har­mon­ica.

the a-okay

Make an okay sign with your hand, then press your pointer fin­ger above your up­per lip like a mus­tache and your thumb be­low your lower lip. Hug his pe­nis with the rest of your fin­gers and go to town— it’ll feel to him like you’re tak­ing more of him into your mouth than you ac­tu­ally are.

the never-end­ing handy Keep your hands in con­stant mo­tion while you work him with your mouth, giv­ing him the sen­sa­tion of non­stop pen­e­tra­tion.

tin­sel his tree The pe­nis ac­tu­ally has a “root” that ex­tends in­side the body (un­derneath his balls). Mas­sage the area while you’re blow­ing him and he might just break out into a stir­ring ren­di­tion of “O Holy Night.”

the hu­man s’more

Toast his marsh­mal­lows—

lightly cup and mas­sage his balls—from the get-go. Play­ing with his del­i­cate sug­arplums makes the beej feel more in­tense. Just re­mem­ber to be gen­tle: They’re not stress balls.

the deep dive Save deep-throat ac­tion for the fi­nal mo­ments of oral to avoid a sore throat and gag­ging. Take a deep breath, and bust it out as a magic trick to push him over the edge. You’re the David Blaine of BJS!

the tricky twis­ter Twist one hand up and down his candy cane while you move your tongue in cir­cles on the head. It’s a dou­ble-plea­sure trick— and great for speed­ing things up when Home­land is on in four min­utes.

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