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Feel Bet­ter tricks

Try th­ese in your cube, on the bus—any­where! To flat­ten abs ASAP, do this move 10 times, says Cosmo U.S. trainer and cre­ator of Dance Body, Ka­tia Pryce: Place one hand on your belly but­ton, then ex­hale sharply as you pull lower abs in. 2. have more en­ergy Move your arms, says Rod­ney Yee, cre­ator of Ga­iam’s Yoga for En­ergy & Stress Re­lief. Stand and swing right arm across body and left arm be­hind, then switch di­rec­tion. Re­peat for 30 sec­onds to 1 minute. 3. Be Calmer Hav­ing a mo­ment? Close right nos­tril and in­hale through left. Close left nos­tril and ex­hale through right. In­hale right; ex­hale left. Re­peat this cy­cle five times, says Paula Watkins, PHD, founder of the site Calm, Con­scious & Con­nected.



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