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SAGIT­TAR­IUS/ 11.22—12.21

stel­lar Gifts You are non­judg­men­tal and ra­di­ate pos­i­tive en­ergy, making you a trusted wing-woman and con­fi­dante.

blind spots at times, your clever wit and big per­son­al­ity can make more sen­si­tive peo­ple feel like they can’t mea­sure up.

fash­ion faves the coolest girl of the zo­diac, you look just as ra­di­ant chilling in ath­leisure as you do rock­ing floaty boho looks.

in­dul­gence a great es­cape! You have se­ri­ous wan­der­lust and are al­ways ready to pack your bags for an ad­ven­ture.

se­duc­tion style You know what you like, and you’re not afraid to step up and say it when the mo­ment calls for it. Your direct, con­fi­dent style in the bed­room (or wher­ever the mood strikes) keeps your lovers want­ing more.

your month You’re jug­gling a lot right now, but you got this. the new Moon in your sign on the 11th will tweak your cre­ative in­stincts. Get a head start on new projects and they’ll thrive come the new year. when pas­sion­ate Venus en­ters your sign on the 30th, you could also get a leg up on (and around!) a new love.

your year this year, it’s time to mas­ter the art of the long game. lin­ing up your am­bi­tions and ad­dress­ing them strate­gi­cally rather than scat­ter­shot will work won­ders. fol­low your in­tu­ition when it comes to love and in­dulge in ro­mance! with wave af­ter wave of suc­cess rolling in, you’ll want to cel­e­brate with some­one spe­cial.

you need to stay true to your­self while play­ing by the rules.


12.22–01.19 Com­mu­ni­ca­tion whiz Mer­cury moves into your sign on the 9th, help­ing you stay on top of your to-do list, so you can say yes to all the fêtes! You’ll get a pos­i­tive boost on the 21st, when the sun moves into your sign, making for a bright year’s end. you need: real fuel! step away from never-end­ing hol­i­day sweets. the Capri­corn Guy: he tries to take care of ev­ery­body, so a night where you, ahem, take him in hand = bliss.


01.20–02.18 You’re a true ride- or-die friend so now’s a great time to shake things up with your crew. let your besties coax you out on the 8th when a meet-cute could re­boot your mojo. avoid gos­sip on the 20th when your words may be mis­con­strued. you need: to try at least one new thing this month. the aquar­ius Guy: he’s dy­ing to catch up with his boys. Join them for beers where ev­ery­one can get a bit of his time. he’ll want to get your bits later.


02.19–03.20 de­cem­ber 11th’s new Moon in your zone of fame and suc­cess is set­ting you up for the big leagues. keep your work hustle go­ing. It’s pay­ing off! the sun forms a beau­ti­ful sex­tile with your ruler, artis­tic nep­tune, on the 29th. You’ll find in­spi­ra­tion in the hol­i­day whirl. you need: a quiet space where you can block out all dis­trac­tions. the pisces Guy: Grab a bot­tle of bub­bly to cel­e­brate his re­cent suc­cesses, then pop each other’s corks later on. Christ­mas ornaments, H&m, p599


06.21–07.22 Your nose is still at the grind­stone, but thanks to stel­lar as­pects around the 17th, de­cem­ber will be very sat­is­fy­ing. the full Moon in your sign on Christ­mas day puts love in your stock­ing…for a sexy end of year. you need: to em­brace, rather than fight, Christ­mukkah chaos. the Can­cer Guy: when he fi­nally catches a break from the of­fice, slip on his tie—and noth­ing else— and show him how to mix work and play. lace panties, mango, p795


03.21–04.20 the good: You clearly ar­tic­u­late your needs. the not-so-good: You’re not al­ways great at com­pro­mise. when dy­namic Mars goes to town on the 6th and 10th, change your Mo. work­ing with oth­ers can work in your fa­vor! you need: to think about the big pic­ture. the aries Guy: Calm his jit­ters with a gym ses­sion that burns his ex­cess en­ergy, then fol­low up with a DIY work­out where you’re both #win­ning.

hoodie, mango, p1,750


07.23–08.22 pre­pare to so­lid­ify your rep as the life of the party! when the sun and bold Uranus form an ad­van­ta­geous trine on the 8th, all eyes— your crush’s in­cluded — will be on you. af­ter har­mo­nious Venus moves into sagit­tar­ius on the 30th, you’ll be sparkling with good cheer. you need: a good night’s rest so you can keep on keepin’ on. the leo Guy: let him ham it up with his friends, then dim the lights later on for his one-man encore show

sun­glasses, Zara, p1,295


04.21–05.21 Venus moves into your zone of re­la­tion­ships on the 4th, kick­ing off an icy-hot month! the amor ous planet will also form a sex­tile to in­tense pluto on the 17th, fan­ning your de­sire for in­ti­macy. sin­gle or at­tached, your horns will hook ’em ei­ther way! you need: You need: to be a hun­dred per­cent gen­uine with your suit­ors. the tau­rus Guy: If he’s anx­ious, share your new Year’s res­o­lu­tions, so he’ll feel safe telling you his wildest dreams. pil­low­case, robin­sons depart­ment store, p299


08.23–09.22 fist bump: no one can fault you for buy­ing gifts on­line and stay­ing far from hol­i­day shop­ping hor­rors. af­ter the 9th, love will draw you out when your ruler Mer­cury moves into Capri­corn. By the 24th, some­one hot will raise your temps! you need: to feather your nest so it’s your ul­ti­mate re­treat. the virgo Guy: he wants to lay low rather than brave the sea­son’s se­ri­ous crowds. keep your hot hi­jinks in­doors, un­der wraps. two-piece can­vas, robin­sons depart­ment store, p649.75


05.22–06.20 Quick-wit­ted Mer­cury makes a gor­geous trine to in­di­vid­u­al­is­tic Uranus on the 1st, giv­ing you the con­fi­dence to dis­patch “bad blood” with ease. lever­age that good judg­ment in mat­ters of love near new Year’s, when al­lur­ing Venus slips into your zone of part­ner­ships on the 30th. you need: to rsvp Y-e-s to ev­ery e-vite! the Gem­ini Guy: Join him as he hits the hol­i­day party cir­cuit. he’ll want to rack up those mistle­toe kisses!

dress, bal­main x H&m, p7,990


09.23–10.22 If some­one un­ex­pected catches your fancy around the 10th, give them a shot, ’kay? You could end up mix­ing work with plea­sure near the full Moon on the 25th, making busi­ness a bit more fun for all. you need: to cel­e­brate your abil­ity to bring peo­ple to­gether. the li­bra Guy: don’t ghost when it comes to his peeps. the more con­nected you feel to his squad, the safer you’ll feel about open­ing up to him in ev­ery way.

heels, Zara, p3,795


10.23—11.21 no one keeps her eye on the prize like you do. and no one will be able to look away as Venus moves into your sign on the 4th. once pas­sion­ate pluto unites with ef­fu­sive Mer­cury on the 19th, it will be tempt­ing to let loose on so­cial me­dia. keep it to­gether! you need: a sleek plan­ner for your can’t stop/ won’t stop life. the scor­pio Guy: he’s smol­der­ing this month. put him on ice—in ev­ery way—by get­ting both your rocks off! Jour­nal, la­bel­maker ph on Zalora.com.ph, p1,000

Jessy men­di­ola 12.03.1992

dress, mango, p2,950

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