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Making waves as the cocky ri­val Jigs in On The Wings Of Love, this ris­ing ac­tor talks to Cosmo about act­ing, hard work, and con­tro­versy, and what he’s learned from all that.

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what’s it like play­ing Jigs (one of na­dine lus­tre’s on-screen love in­ter­ests)?

Play­ing Jigs is fun. He’s very dif­fer­ent. When I was study­ing how I’d ap­proach this char­ac­ter, I was in­spired by Ari Gold­man [from the HBO se­ries En­tourage], who’s one of my fa­vorite char­ac­ters.

You’ve spo­ken About deal­ing with Adhd And dyslexia. how do You Cope?

When you’re dyslexic, your brain doesn’t process words the same way other peo­ple do, and your brain jum­bles up let­ters. You just have to ac­cept it, and put in more ef­fort if you want to learn your lines.

how did You deal with past Con­tro­versy?

I’ve al­ways been con­fi­dent—i think it’s been mis­taken for ar­ro­gance. I was al­ways a straight­for­ward per­son and thought that ev­ery­one else is, too. But when I was in­volved in a [pa­ter­nity] con­tro­versy, I got dis­il­lu­sioned by peo­ple say­ing things be­hind my back in­stead of be­ing straight with me. I was hon­estly de­pressed for a while. Then I re­al­ized there’s no point in sulk­ing—what’s done is done and what’s said has been said.

what have You learned since then?

There will al­ways be peo­ple who will hate on you. You can’t please ev­ery­one. I’ve learned not to care about what other peo­ple think of me. If you’re not con­fi­dent in your­self, no one will have con­fi­dence in you ei­ther. It’s some­thing I learned as I got older. With me, what you see is what you get. I’m really like this. I’m frank, but I’m also a nice guy. I’m hon­est, but I’m also re­spect­ful.

how has Your work ethic Changed?

When I was start­ing out, I was young and naïve, and took a lot of things for granted. Now I’m really putting in the ef­fort to be good at my craft. Ang­daming­guwapo, angdaming­marunong umarte, so you have to work hard—what sep­a­rates you from them? Why should pro­duc­ers hire you? You have to prove your­self and what you’re ca­pa­ble of, and al­ways have the en­ergy to bring some­thing ex­tra.

“Ang­daming­guwapo, Ang­daming­marunongu­marte.

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