the se­cret to Be­ing happy

The gor­geous aussie model and tv host tells us how she gets her glow on.

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Mari Jas­mine is our new fa­vorite ray of sun­shine!

Hap­pi­ness is...

Cof­fee with

is friends thebest!

Whip­ping up a good meal

I’ve al­ways loved cook­ing. It makes me feel in­spired, since cook­ing gives me cre­ative free­dom to ex­per­i­ment with new fla­vors and tex­tures. Even the pre­sen­ta­tion is a big part of the cre­ative process. When I come up with a new recipe that looks and tastes good, I feel ac­com­plished!

Be­ing phys­i­cally ac­tive

I had the most amaz­ing child­hood. I have really good mem­o­ries of be­ing out­doors all the time, play­ing sports like swim­ming, soft­ball, soc­cer, ten­nis, and net­ball. I don’t enjoy be­ing in the gym, since the tread­mill bores me. So I do hot yoga classes and the In­san­ity work­out—it’s fun ’cause I do it with my friends. making time for your­self I try to get out of the city as much as I can. It’s about keep­ing a prom­ise to make time for my­self in­stead of get­ting over­worked. It’s really tempt­ing to work when of­fered a gig and I think, “Oh that’s a nice job.” If it’s that great then of course I’ll do it. But you’ve got to draw the line some­where. Have some self-re­spect and give your­self time to rest be­cause ul­ti­mately, it af­fects how you work the rest of the time.

get­ting some Vi­ta­min n

Some­times I strug­gle dur­ing the rainy sea­son be­cause of the lack of sun­shine. I don’t mind the rain, but the gloomy gray skies get to me. When the clouds open up I recharge. It’s the weird­est thing— even just be­ing out for five min­utes and feel­ing the sun on my skin gives me a nat­u­ral buzz. It’s like happy hor­mones are be­ing re­leased in my body. And when I’m out in na­ture, I’m less stressed. In the US, doc­tors are pre­scrib­ing Vi­ta­min N—get­ting out in na­ture for 30 min­utes a day. It really has a pos­i­tive ef­fect on their pa­tients.

re­dis­cov­er­ing your iden­tity

Nei­ther of my par­ents are Aus­tralian, and I used to have a su­per mixed iden­tity. Peo­ple would ask where I was from and I would say “My dad is English and my mum is Ja­panese.” When I went to Lon­don I thought, “I’ve got an English pass­port, we speak the same lan­guage, we’re not really that dif­fer­ent.” But when I got there I never felt so unEnglish and so Aus­tralian in my life. Our man­ner­isms and ways of be­ing are so dif­fer­ent. It really hit me then that I was Aussie, down to the ac­cent—i never re­al­ized how strong it was ’til I got there. Now, if peo­ple ask me where I’m from, I say Aus­tralia. Trav­el­ing really makes you ap­pre­ci­ate home.

Mari’s Rain­bow

Veg­gie Rolls! Her fave cook­ing

tool: a spi­ral­izer to make veg­gie “noo­dles.”

AU­GUST DE­CEM­BER 2014 2015 With fel­low “Yogi bear”

Bian c a Kin g.

Mari swears by rose­hip oil

Mari thrives in sun­shine!

Vi­ta­min D gives an en­ergy boost, which “may en­cour­age in­di­vid­u­als to get out and so­cial­ize, get mov­ing, eat a health­ier diet, and make other choices that fuel an

up­ward spi­ral of pos­i­tiv­ity.” Get­ting her

dose of Vi­ta­min N.

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