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How to deal when your man is a party an­i­mal…

Your ex­tro­verted man shares a cer­tain sim­i­lar­ity with Dis­ney’s Aladdin: He wants to take you on a magic car­pet ride and show you the world. This may come across as strange and dan­ger­ous, and you’ll definitely be ven­tur­ing well out of your per­sonal com­fort zone. But his is a sim­ple phi­los­o­phy: Min­gle, and get out and about. He is in his el­e­ment this hol­i­day sea­son— what with all the par­ties and so­cial gath­er­ings— so now is the per­fect time to see how he op­er­ates. Don’t worry: Even though magic car­pets don’t have seat­belts, you can be sure that the ride will nonethe­less be both safe and awesome if you fol­low th­ese sim­ple tips.

1 share Your worlds with each other.

Your def­i­ni­tion of qual­ity time prob­a­bly has one or more of th­ese things: a good book, a movie and TV shows, a nice cup of tea, your bed, and your fa­vorite food. His? Peo­ple, shots, sub­woofers, shots, a game of some sort, lots of (bor­der­line bas­tos) ban­ter, more shots, and more peo­ple. What to do? Ex­pe­ri­ence his world and like­wise let him into yours. Spend equal amounts of each other’s “qual­ity time” and ev­ery­thing will be gravy.

2 Be in­di­vid­u­als, to­gether.

The big­gest thing is that, fun­da­men­tally, you are two dif­fer­ent peo­ple. It doesn’t mat­ter that you’re dif­fer­ent. By re­spect­ing each other as peo­ple, you won’t be pres­sured into think­ing that you have to do things to­gether all the time. Do­ing so will es­tab­lish your in­de­pen­dence as a per­son, which is a big turn on for him.

3 Be there when He needs You.

You don’t have to be present for ev­ery sin­gle night out with your guy, but there will be cer­tain times when he’ll really want you with him. An­tic­i­pate th­ese oc­ca­sions. They’re fairly easy to de­ter­mine, any­way: he has a big race, has a com­pany so­cial with the boss, he’s play­ing a gig or has a show, or wants to in­tro­duce you to the homies. Yes, there will be loads of peo­ple, mostly strangers. It’s prob­a­bly go­ing to hap­pen in a place that you find too big and too noisy, too. But your pres­ence and moral sup­port dur­ing th­ese mo­ments are greatly sig­nif­i­cant.

4 start a new HOBBY to­gether.

Even though you have dif­fer­ent out­looks on qual­ity time, you can still cre­ate com­mon ground. Take the plunge and sug­gest that you both try some­thing that you’ve per­son­ally al­ways wanted to do. Chances are your ex­tro­vert guy will be all for it. Martha and I, for ex­am­ple, took up ten­nis af­ter re­al­iz­ing that we both enjoy watch­ing it on TV to­gether. I like that we get out, ex­er­cise, and meet new peo­ple at the court, and she likes it that we have some­thing in com­mon. We still suck at it, but at least we suck at it to­gether.

5 trust Your ex­tro­verted man.

It’s really the only way it’ll work with­out you go­ing bonkers. The line be­tween friendly and flirty can be hazy, so be on point and work on dis­tin­guish­ing both. Just be­ing friendly? Lay off him. Get­ting too flirty? Call him out on it. By do­ing so, you’ll be able to ex­press your­self while es­tab­lish­ing what’s cool and what isn’t. Talk­ing about it al­lows you to understand each other bet­ter. Trust is a two-way thing. Trust that your man has your best in­ter­ests at heart. And for you fel­las who might be read­ing this right now: Don’t break your woman’s trust, make me look like an ass­hole, and ruin it for all of us.

So, you love peo­ple and peo­ple love you back. You shine in ev­ery so­cial sit­u­a­tion armed with noth­ing but your sharp wit, win­ning per­son­al­ity, and charm.

As luck would have it, you have fallen in love with (gasp!) an in­tro­vert. While the prospect of paint­ing the town red with her by your side ex­cites you, her idea of a per­fect date in­cludes stay­ing in to watch Cine­ma­world on ca­ble and or­der­ing pizza for din­ner.

But de­spite all the ev­i­dence suggest­ing she is your polar op­po­site, you still dig her. You want to be with her even if you se­cretly find it weird that she goes on solo trips to the beach, and that she can enjoy din­ner out by her­self so long as she has a good book to keep her com­pany.

This in­tro­vert-ex­tro­vert match-up is man­age­able. But over the hol­i­days, when in­vites to par­ties and gath­er­ings abound, it be­comes a del­i­cate sit­u­a­tion that re­quires care­ful ma­neu­ver­ing, good fore­sight, and at times even badassery on the part of the ex­tro­vert boyfriend.

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