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Q I’ve just got­ten out of a long-term re­la­tion­ship. my ex is the only per­son I’ve slept with, and I never got off with him—i’ve only had an or­gasm by my­self. How do I tell a new guy I’ve never been able to or­gasm with a part­ner with­out dis­ap­point­ing him?

A Most guys are not go­ing to be rat­tled, and smart guys see it as a chal­lenge. You have noth­ing to be sorry about, so don’t over­think it. Just tell him: “I’ve never come with a guy, but I’d love to try with you.” Gets ’em ev­ery time.

Q I’ve tried ev­ery­thing, even play­ing bas­ket­ball with the guys, but I can’t find a BF. What can I do?


You’re a sports fan, so you know champs have slumps. All you can do is keep shoot­ing. It might be time to try a dif­fer­ent tac­tic. Most of my guy friends met their girl­friends at a party, a bar, or a fa­vorite café. Whether it’s love or bas­ket­ball, you’re more likely to score if you’re hav­ing fun play­ing the game.

Q my boyfriend still texts and calls his ex’s fam­ily. When I bring it up, he says I’m be­ing jeal­ous and they just stayed close. Am I out of line for want­ing him to cut them off?


Some peo­ple think that you have to hit Delete All on your past af­ter a breakup. I dis­agree. I think this is a ques­tion of de­grees: If he texts his ex’s fam­ily more than he texts you, then screw him. If they want him to get back to­gether with this ex, be wary. But if they oc­ca­sion­ally talk sports or grab a quick drink? Who cares? As long as he’s not stay­ing cozy with this ex-gf her­self, then what really mat­ters is how he treats you.

This guy is to­tally up for the chal­lenge!

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