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if you be­long to the .03491% of the pop­u­la­tion that is not into starwars, and you just don't get why the rest of the world—your boyfriend in­cluded—has gone bonkers over it, then you might need a lit­tle re­fresher on why the epic space saga is, well, epic and ubiq­ui­tous. let’s ex­tend your ap­pre­ci­a­tion and un­der­stand­ing of the

se­quel be­yond cute ewoks and yoda memes.

it’s the ul­ti­mate Boy’s Dream.

light sabers, laser guns, ro­bots, the

galax­ies. ask your man now if he ever dreamed of be­com­ing a Jedi, and we all know what he’d an­swer— “F**k yeaaah!”

princess leia.

no, it's not just

the golden bikini. over the

span of two movies, we got to know her as a smart, sassy, ca­pa­ble woman, and then we saw her in the golden bikini.

luke sky­walker.

he's the lowly farm boy who saved the uni­verse. he's more re­lat­able than most he­roes, since he has his own faults and went through his fair share of fail­ures be­fore

ul­ti­mately suc­ceed­ing.

squad Goals.

han solo is the ul­ti­mate bad- ass bro. yoda is like a mod­ern- day life coach, and chew­bacca is

your re­li­able friend from high school. ei­ther you want to be them or you want to be

around them.

The Force is strong with your man.

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