What’s Your hol­i­day per­son­al­ity?

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1 It’s time for the yearly fam­ily Christ­mas card photo ses­sion. You:

a. Cringe at the thought of a cheesy photo op, but grin and bear it any­way.

b. Planned this year’s theme. You’ve even sent out out­fit pegs and a mood board.

c. Wear your usual all­black uni­form. Or just ask to be Pho­to­shopped in.

2 Christ­mas shop­ping means...

a. Fi­nally scor­ing that LV you’ve been lust­ing over for months, grab­bing some cute trin­kets for the fam, and or­der­ing generic cup­cakes for ev­ery­one else.

b. Be­ing pre­pared with a well thought-out list of the per­fect presents! That, and com­mis­sion­ing a cal­lig­ra­pher to give your greet­ing cards a lit­tle some­thing ex­tra.

c. Get­ting ev­ery­thing on your hol­i­day wish list. Gifts for who?

3 Dur­ing the ’Ber months, your place looks like...

a. Noth­ing spe­cial, but you have a Santa-shaped cookie jar out on the counter to keep with the spirit of things.

b. A whim­si­cal won­der­land! Look, your Pin­ter­est board just got a thou­sand Fa­vorites!

c. The way it usu­ally does. No point putting decor up if you’re tak­ing it down in Jan­uary.

4 The yearly barkada din­ner is com­ing up, and it looks like you’re go­ing to be the 13th wheel again. What do you do?

a. Ar­rive late, then con­ve­niently get “food poi­son­ing” so you can leave early. At least you showed up, right?

b. Host the party. You can’t wait to hand out those amaz­ing cou­ples’ spa pack­ages you nabbed on Deal Gro­cer.

c. Get ready for some me-time at the spa. You’re plan­ning on get­ting, erm, a mi­graine that day.

5 It’s Nochebuena at your lola’s. The first thing you do is:

a. Make a bee­line for the wine. The buzz will help you en­dure your nosy ti­tas’ ques­tions about your nonex­is­tent en­gage­ment ring.

b. Gather your nieces and neph­ews, and teach them how to make pa­per snowflakes and sing Christ­mas carols.

c. Puh-leeez. You stopped show­ing up af­ter your Tita Baby sug­gested jog­ging off your baby fat.

’ Tis the sea­son to be jolly—not?

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