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Q I’m com­pletely pos­i­tive I don’t want kids. Ever. How—and when—do I tell the guys I meet?

A If you’re dat­ing ca­su­ally, you don’t have to tell a dude that there’s never go­ing to be room in your womb. But if things get se­ri­ous and you start talk­ing about the fu­ture, bring it up. Right or wrong, most guys will as­sume you want a baby on board some­day. And frankly, most guys want kids some­day too. Even if you’re deeply in love, dis­agree­ing about kids is usu­ally a deal breaker. Be clear, and don’t pre­tend there’s wig­gle room when there isn’t. That way, you’ll side­step more stress down the line.

Q A good guy friend has started sleep­ing over—but just to cud­dle. He doesn’t try to kiss me. Does he like me or not?

A That sounds sweet…and bor­ing. He prob­a­bly wants you, but he’s shy or wor­ried about mess­ing with your friend­ship. If you like him, you’re go­ing to have to kiss him first. Oth­er­wise, you might be stuck with a hu­man pil­low for­ever.

Q My hookup wants to film us with a Gopro dur­ing sex. Weird or to­tally okay? A

Not weird at all. His­tor­i­cally, he’s part of a grand tra­di­tion of doc­u­ment­ing sex. A few mil­len­nia ago, a cave­man boyfriend might have scratched your nude im­age on a wall, and 150 years ago, your part­ner might have car­ried a nude da­guer­rotype of you. Lovers in other eras have doc­u­mented sex with pa­pyrus, Po­laroid, Su­per-8, 35mm, Be­ta­max, VHS, and high­def­i­ni­tion 3-D dig­i­tal video. That said, there’s an equally long history of lovers who told their part­ners “No fuck­ing way,” since it’s risky to trust a new hookup with a sex tape. Only agree to do what feels right for you.

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