In 2016, There is no TRY

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DO OR DO NOT, there is no try. Af­ter all the Starwars hoopla last month, this apho­rism might now seem more yada yada than Yoda. Nev­er­the­less, I re­al­ized how timely the im­mor­tal words of the iconic lit­tle green, er, be­ing ( “species un­known,” ac­cord­ing to the of­fi­cial Starwars Data­bank) are this month, and how they per­fectly ex­plain why most New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions fail.

When we say, “I’ll try,” it be­comes eas­ier to quit when the go­ing gets tough. It’s a non-com­mit­tal state­ment any­way—we never promised we could de­liver! But choos­ing to do some­thing and throw­ing the power of your full com­mit­ment be­hind your de­ci­sion makes it more likely to suc­ceed. When fazed by ob­sta­cles, “Kakayanin!” be­comes your an­swer to “Kayakaya?”

Think of all the things you wanted so badly to hap­pen in your life that you made them hap­pen, sur­mount­ing all odds, as if The Force was with you. Or maybe you sim­ply en­forced your will, and one day, just did what had al­ways seemed im­pos­si­ble, as­tound­ing even your­self. In my case: De­cid­ing to ditch sure­fire ca­reer se­cu­rity in IT for the ex­cit­ing but un­sta­ble world of mod­el­ing and fash­ion. De­cid­ing to make a liv­ing out of my pas­sions, writ­ing and fash­ion. De­cid­ing, fi­nally, that I’d rather be sin­gle when I was no longer happy at­tached. De­cid­ing to lose the 25 ex­tra pounds I had packed on for 17 years from stress and un­healthy habits—and in time for Cosmo’s big 15th An­niver­sary party in 2012. I look back now and try to re­call my state of mind and emo­tions then—when I was so sure of my­self that achiev­ing my goals seemed so sec­ond-na­ture—and try to fig­ure out how I got to that point. You know the feel­ing: Once you’ve made a de­ci­sion, there’s no turn­ing back. We­know we all have the power to change deep within us, it’s really just a mat­ter of be­ing ready to de­cide when to act.

Ev­ery­thing in this is­sue was de­signed to help you turn your #Goals into #De­ci­sions. Happy New Do!

Gem­ini sis­ters re­joice! “Your ca­reer is fir­ing

on all cylin­ders and will stay in over­drive

all year,” says your 2016 Cosmo Bed­side

Astrologer, start­ing on p.81. (Hey, I have the

same hairdo as my twin­ning sign!)

YODA SAYS STEP ON IT! It’s never too late to go places. Yoda on my feet ( and Hava­ianas flip flops) can help me walk the talk.

SU­PER TROUPER Jan­uary cover girl Na­dine Lus­tre gave Cosmo her all

de­spite her sheer ex­haus­tion from a killer work sched­ule!

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