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Goody start style Fin­ish Comb it out Comb, You’ve got some­where to be but your fringe is in se­ri­ous need of a trim. What’s a girl to do? Take mat­ters into her own hands—lit­er­ally. It may sound risky, but even celebs like Bey­oncé and Kate Moss have ad­mit­ted to cut­ting their own hair. When Moss ap­peared at the Top­shop Col­lec­tion launch she told re­porters, “I got bored one night and cut it—with kitchen scis­sors.” We’re not say­ing you should cut your­self some new bangs, but a quick clean up is to­tally doable. lourd Ramos of Creations by lourd Ramos salon shows us how. 1 When trim­ming dry bangs you see the ef­fects right away, but wet hair is more man­age­able to cut. If bangs are wet, keep in mind they will lie higher on your fore­head once dry. 2 Run a fine-tooth comb through your fringe so the hair lays flat against your face. As you comb down­ward, stop where you want your bangs to end on your fore­head. 3 Hold­ing a pair of small, sharp scis­sors (prefer­ably hair shears) ver­ti­cally, take tiny snips from the hair be­low the comb, cre­at­ing jagged lines for a softer ef­fect. 4 Never cut bangs from left to right! This will make them un­even. In­stead, start trim­ming at the mid­dle of the bangs, mov­ing to­ward the outer edges, one side at a time.

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