It started with K-dash’s warpaint-wear­ing self­ies that proved the power of a de­fined cheek­bone. Then came strob­ing—teach­ing us to ac­cen­tu­ate (rather than fab­ri­cate) our fea­tures us­ing shim­mery high­lighters. Now, there’s an even more in­con­spic­u­ous way to c

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Move the brush di­ag­o­nally across the cen­ter of the iris. This is where your brow arch should be at its high­est. If you have a really long face, this will make the space be­tween the arch and the end of the brow shorter, soft­en­ing your fea­tures and round­ing your face. K-pal­ette 2Way Eye­brow Pen­cil in Gray­ish Brown, Eye of Horus Ul­ti­mate Brow De­fine in Dy­nasty (Medium Brown), Ben­e­fit In­stant Brow in Medium,


Place the brush against the out­side of your nose and align the brush with the outer cor­ner of your eye—this is where the brow should end. If you have a round face, this will lengthen the area be­tween the arch and tail, cre­at­ing the il­lu­sion of a longer, more oval face shape.

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