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WHAT’S The b ig d e Al?

Ex­er­cise can keep you look­ing younger longer. One study shows that those who get sweaty on the reg (at least 14 min­utes per day) have longer telom­eres— pro­tec­tive bumpers on the ends of our DNA strands, which nat­u­rally shorten over time. Re­searchers be­lieve that if you can de­lay this short­en­ing process, you may de­lay the signs of ag­ing.

The clos­est thing to a work­out-ina-bot­tle: Top­i­cal DNAre­pair en­zymes like plank­ton (found in Tony Moly Aqua­porin Sher­bert Cleanser). “In the­ory, they should be able to re­pair telom­eres along with other DNA,” says Dr. Ze­ich­ner.

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