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WHAT’S The b ig d e Al?

Fin­gers crossed, your killer work ethic will soon land you a big pro­mo­tion and a raise, but all that day-to-day stress can lead to break­outs. Stress trig­gers the pro­duc­tion of an­dro­gens—a hor­mone proven to in­crease oil pro­duc­tion, which leads to clogged pores, says Dr. Brandt.

Be­fore bed, wash with a cleanser made of two per­cent sal­i­cylic acid ( like Olay Re­gener­ist Cream Cleanser, P299), let­ting it ab­sorb like a mask for three min­utes. The next day, ap­ply a lo­tion with less po­tent, but still ef­fec­tive, lev­els of the in­gre­di­ent (like Estée Lauder's, be­low, which also mat­ti­fies shine). If you need to up the ante, your derm can pre­scribe the Pill or an an­tian­dro­gen med to bal­ance hor­mones.

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JAN­UARY 2016 estée lauder Clear dif­fer­ence Ad­vanced blem­ish Serum, P5,260.

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