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Un­less you have se­ri­ously tinted win­dows, UVA rays—re­spon­si­ble for lines, pig­men­ta­tion, and all three types of skin can­cer—can pen­e­trate glass and dam­age skin cells year-round, ex­plains Dr. Ze­ich­ner. Stud­ies show that both sun-in­duced skin dam­age (like wrin­kles and spots) and skin can­cers ap­pear more on the left (or driver’s) side of our faces.

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When it comes to UV dam­age, noth­ing de­fends like sun­screen. Ti­ta­nium diox­ide– based blocks start de­flect­ing rays the sec­ond they’re ap­plied. Chem­i­cal sun­screens, on the other hand, re­quire 15 min­utes to soak into skin—not ideal if you tend to run late in the morn­ing. Re­mem­ber: Any form of SPF needs to be reap­plied ev­ery two hours, so tote a mini in your purse (not in your car though— high temps can de­ac­ti­vate the in­gre­di­ents in the for­mula) and ap­ply be­fore your ride home.

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