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Roughly 70 per­cent of women need more cli­toral stim­u­la­tion to O dur­ing sex—so reach down and touch your­self dur­ing the deed! You feel in con­trol of your O, and he’s su­per turned on. Win-win.

2. FOR a twist on

mis­sion­ary, lie on your back, and lift your legs up and over to one side as he en­ters you. Rais­ing your legs makes you su­per­tight, and the an­gle of your hips means he’ll hit spots that rarely get TLC.

3. Get him to

skip the inand-out thrusts and, uh, stir with his pe­nis in­stead. He’ll stim­u­late ev­ery inch of you (mo­tion of the ocean and all that…).



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