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dat­ing? Set the prece­dent and make sure you come first. Women of­ten fo­cus on their guy’s or­gasm and treat them­selves as an af­ter­thought. Since we’re all crea­tures of habit, do­ing the re­verse pays off in the long run.

15. ask him

to trace his tongue over your thin-skinned spots: wrists, in­ner knees, be­hind your ears. It’ll make you shiver.

16. while stand­ing

with your back against his chest, have him reach around and touch you so all you can see are his hands all over you— to­tally sexy.

17. wrap your

fin­gers in an “O” shape around the base of his shaft, and move them in tan­dem with your mouth. Use lots of saliva to ease the move­ment, and he won’t be able to tell where your mouth ends and your hand be­gins. Gen­tly cup his balls with your other hand and you’re golden.

18. try the

“com­mer­cial sex” game. Start get­ting it on dur­ing the com­mer­cials of your fa­vorite show, then un­tan­gle as soon as the show comes back. Sexy show? Copy their moves. As you graduate from make-outs to oral to in­ter­course (and back?), the teas­ing will be out of con­trol.

19. keep your

dress on or just push your un­der­wear aside to have sex. The im­me­di­acy of keep­ing clothes on is hot—like you can’t wait to have each other.

20. when you’re

close to cli­max­ing, tighten and re­lax like you’re Kegeling. This alone can some­times trig­ger an O (and it feels amaz­ing for a guy too).

21. the hole at

the tip of his pe­nis is called the mea­tus, which is the worst name given to any­thing, ever. (Mea­tus!) But it’s sen­si­tive dur­ing arousal.



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