Or­ga­niz­ing Your Life

Want to get your act to­gether in 2016? While de-clut­ter­ing may seem like yet an­other bor­ing res­o­lu­tion, tiny de­tails like a well- or­ga­nized closet or a clean purse can do won­ders for your state of mind.

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...or­ga­nize your phone.

ask any­one to list the things they can’t leave home with­out, and “my phone” will most likely be the first. it’s prac­ti­cally an ap­pendage, so making sure it’s an ac­tual, func­tion­ing de­vice and not a dig­i­tal black hole just helps make life eas­ier. You’re a mil­len­nial, you can do this.

First things First: back ev­ery­thing up. Sync your phone’s con­tacts, pic­tures, mu­sic, and apps with your com­puter, be­cause in case your phone gets lost, is stolen, or just gives out, at least you won’t have to start from scratch. And, for chris­sakes, use a se­cu­rity code. • Sorry, but you’re go­ing to have to go through all Your Con­tacts. Fill out en­tries with­out a last name (un­less it’s, like, “Bae” or “Mom” or some­thing) and con­sider cre­at­ing a sys­tem that dis­tin­guishes all the Jen­nys or Mikes from each other—it could be as easy as us­ing the “Com­pany” op­tion. • get to know your phone’s Set­tings. We’re talk­ing know­ing if your e-mail is synced to your phone im­me­di­ately, or ev­ery 15 min­utes, or whether you get silent no­ti­fi­ca­tions for one app and not an­other. Not hav­ing your set­tings right might ac­tu­ally be con­tribut­ing to your piti­ful bat­tery life or why your phone’s so slow. • go through all your apps. Have you opened it in the last three months? No? Con­sider delet­ing it. • Fig­ure out how or­ga­niz­ing your apps makes most sense to You. By func­tion? By name? By icon color? By how of­ten you use them? We pre­fer the first op­tion, and cus­tom­ize the la­bel names ac­cord­ing to what pur­pose they serve, like Pho­tog­ra­phy, So­cial, Travel, etc.

...or­ga­nize your purse.

Your purse is pretty much your com­mand cen­ter on-the-go, but maybe it’s time you re­think what it is you’re tot­ing around on a daily ba­sis. We’re guilty of car­ry­ing much, much more than the rec­om­mended three pounds, so stream­lin­ing your daily carry-on can’t come any sooner.

• Dump ev­ery­thing out so you can see ex­actly

what’s in your bag.

• Clean the ac­tual bag— use a damp cloth on can­vas and hard­ware, and a dry one on more del­i­cate parts that can’t tol­er­ate mois­ture, e.g. leather.

• eval­u­ate What things You ac­tu­ally use on a Daily ba­sis, ver­sus things you sim­ply like hav­ing on you. Power bank? Lip balm? Keep. Ten dif­fer­ent shades of red lip­stick? Maybe limit that to one.

• as With or­ga­niz­ing ev­ery­thing else, Com­part­men­tal­iza­tion is key. Go through all the con­tents, gather ev­ery­thing that goes to­gether, and sort them into all those cute lit­tle pouches that you’ve been re­ceiv­ing for the past how many Christ­mases, or into a ded­i­cated bag or­ga­nizer, which also helps a flimsy tote keep its shape.

• Fig­ure out Your bag’s big­gest mess-maker. Re­ceipts? Candy wrap­pers? Fig­ure out a sys­tem for con­tain­ing them; even a zip-lock bag works.

• makeup Can be Weighty, so train Your­self to hav­ing just the es­sen­tials through­out the DAY. Pro tip: pick up multi-task­ing prod­ucts, like a dual-ended eye­liner or a build­able lip and cheek tint, that can trans­form your look from day to night if the need arises.

• get used to Clear­ing out your bag at least once a week to get rid of any ac­cu­mu­lated trash, re­ceipts, or non-es­sen­tials you had stashed.

...or­ga­nize your closet.

of course you have some­thing to wear. if any­thing, you prob­a­bly have too many unloved, un­worn pieces just gath­er­ing dust in your closet. even if you’re not plan­ning on ex­per­i­ment­ing with ideas like build­ing a cap­sule wardrobe, clear­ing out where you keep your clothes will help you save time, money, and maybe even make get­ting ready in the morn­ing fun again. • Ded­i­cate at least one Full Day For the task.

Empty out your clos­ets—yes, we mean empty— and go through ev­ery sin­gle piece. Sort them into dif­fer­ent piles: Keep, Do­nate/sell, Dis­card. Shoes and ac­ces­sories in­cluded. • only put Some­thing into your “keep” pile if (a) it fits, (b) you’ve worn it in the last six months, (c) it’s com­fort­able, and (d) it fits your per­sonal style. If some­thing fits the cri­te­ria but needs re­pair­ing, set it aside and have it fixed within a few days. Got a piece that holds sen­ti­men­tal value? Un­less it’s a really spe­cial piece (we’re talk­ing wed­ding-dress-spe­cial here), we rec­om­mend hold­ing off on keep­ing it around. • clothes that Don’t Fit you or your per­sonal sense of aes­thet­ics? Dump them in the Do­nate/sell pile. Ratty old clothes go into your Dis­card pile, and un­less you’re al­ready a crafter, don’t even think about hold­ing on to them “just in case.” • Sort like with like— ev­ery­thing that log­i­cally makes sense to you should go to­gether. Tops with tops, skirts with skirts, loungewear with lounge-wear...you get the pic­ture. Color cod­ing isn’t nec­es­sary, of course, but it just makes things look pret­tier. • Fill bags with tis­sue/pa­per So they keep their shape, and store them on shelves in­stead of hang­ing them by the straps. • in­vest in clear boxes for smaller pieces like lin­gerie, socks, scarves, or bathing suits, and by in­vest we mean head to the near­est depart­ment store or Saizen and pick up as many as you think you’ll need. Don’t forget to la­bel them—even a strip of tape and a marker is bet­ter than hav­ing to go through ev­ery sin­gle one. • hav­ing hangers that match isn’t a lux­ury! Try go­ing with a sin­gle color and style and, if you can, in­vest in some stack­able hangers to save space in small clos­ets. Plus, hav­ing match­ing hangers keeps all your clothes level, and pro­vides the il­lu­sion of or­der. anx­i­ety keep­ing you up at night? We may not be able to solve all your prob­lems, and tak­ing the time to get your thoughts to­gether might seem like an un­nec­es­sary waste of time, but trust us, it’s more pro­duc­tive and san­ity-build­ing than sim­ply freak­ing out about how much stuff you have to do. • think about when you’re most pro­duc­tive. Are you a morn­ing per­son? A night owl? A mid­day ma­chine? Sched­ule your most tax­ing tasks for when your en­ergy is high­est. • write Down ev­ery­thing you need to Do. Try to have a ded­i­cated note­book, plan­ner, even a doc­u­ment or spread­sheet for your daily tasks, in­stead of writ­ing ev­ery­thing down on loose pieces of notepa­per. Don’t rely on your mem­ory for im­por­tant things like meet­ing notes, or brain­storm­ing ses­sions—there’s noth­ing like hav­ing some­thing for fu­ture ref­er­ence. • Fo­cus on one task at a time. Whether it’s a pre­sen­ta­tion, a re­view, a lay­out, or even just lunch, give it all your men­tal real es­tate. • Don’t Forget to take breaks. Not only is it good for your eyes to look away from a glar­ing com­puter or phone screen but get­ting up, tak­ing a walk (even just to the pantry for a wa­ter re­fill), stretch­ing your limbs and straight­en­ing your pos­ture helps keep you en­er­gized. • keep a note­book on your bed­side ta­ble. In­stead of let­ting ideas, anx­i­eties, and things you need to do swirl around in your head be­fore bed, write them down—you’ll keep them out of your head, you’ll never forget a good idea, and you’ll rest eas­ier.

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...or­ga­nize your Mind.

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