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1. On the way to meet a friend at your fa­vorite diner, she texts you about try­ing the new Thai joint in­stead. You text:

a. “Sure! Or that Chi­nese place?? Or sushi? IDK!!” b. “Um…okay! I hate spicy food, but I’ll just fill up on rice.” c. “I can’t really say yes be­cause that’ll val­i­date your last­minute plan chang­ing and you know I hate that. Also, I need a plate of fries.”

2. As your BFF’S brides­maid, you gen­er­ally ful­fill your du­ties with:

a. Oh shit, I have wed­ding du­ties? b. Grit­ted teeth…and one too many glasses of cham­pagne. c. Mul­ti­ple Gmail chains to all seven other brides­maids with an at­tached Ex­cel of bach­e­lorette party re­spon­si­bil­i­ties.

3. Of the three fe­male Friends, you re­late the most to:

a. Phoebe, due to her to­tal lack of a life plan. b. Rachel, for be­ing an al­pha in Girl World. c. Monica, be­cause— OMG, WHO JUST SPILLED THAT?!

4. At par­ties, you can usu­ally be found:

a. Chat­ting with a ran­dom girl be­hind you in the bath­room line…and leav­ing the friend you brought to fend for her­self. b. In your tight-knit clique, qui­etly shittalk­ing other peo­ple in the room. c. Start­ing an in­tense de­bate over the Laglag Bala con­spir­acy with some dude who’d just asked you if you wanted an­other San Mig Light.

5. Your dude is try­ing to get you to blow off work and go away for a long week­end with him. Your re­sponse?

a. “Just a week­end?! Let’s take a week!” b. “I’ve got a ton to do at work this week, but...sure?” c. “Some of us have re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. There’s the door.”

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