the se­cret to be­ing HAPPY

The singer/dj/ac­tress/blog­ger talks to cosmo about tak­ing charge of her life.

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Saab Ma­ga­lona-bacarro rocks our world with her real-girl ad­vice

Hap­pi­ness is...

Singing your heart out My band Cheats is my most prized pos­ses­sion. When you write a song and peo­ple sing along to it, it’s the cra­zi­est thing. We had a gig at Saguijo, and peo­ple were singing along to songs that weren’t even re­leased on­line yet. That was a turn­ing point for us. It was like, “Oh my gosh, we’re do­ing it! We’re do­ing really well be­cause they know the songs.” That was one of the best feel­ings ever.

Say­ing yes to new things

I really had so much fun do­ing the play #Nofil­ter. Di­rec­tor Toff de Vene­cia was amaz­ing. The mere fact that he thought I could do it and wanted me in the play boosted my con­fi­dence. I didn’t know I could do some­thing like that. That was the start of my say­ing yes to new things. I was al­ways afraid of pub­lic speak­ing—be­fore #Nofil­ter, I had the worst stage fright. Dur­ing my firstever pub­lic talk, I al­most cried. I’m so weird in front of a crowd, ex­cept if it’s with my band.

Si­lenc­ing your in­ner critic

We over­think ev­ery­thing be­cause we’re so crit­i­cal of other peo­ple. I used to be like that, and I’d crit­i­cize my­self when I spoke or wrote in my blog. I was like, “Oh my God, you sound so dumb.” I had to over­come that and tell my­self, “Hey, maybe don’t be so self-ab­sorbed. Maybe you should just do what you want. Maybe no one will care or maybe peo­ple will ap­pre­ci­ate [what you say]. Maybe you’ll be help­ing peo­ple out.”

De-clut­ter­ing your Space

I just read The-life-chang­ing-art-of Tidy­ing-up by Marie Kondo, so I’m de-clut­ter­ing right now. It’s so ther­a­peu­tic. My of­fice was a mess and I had to get rid of a lot of books. It’s su­per fun! My closet space is so much big­ger now. I used to have two dressers, now I have one nalang, ’cause I got rid of a lot of things that don’t “spark joy,” as Kondo rec­om­mends. claim­ing your own hap­pi­ness My mom told us, no mat­ter what you’ve gone through dur­ing your child­hood, once you turn 18, you can’t blame your child­hood for any­thing. I really be­lieve in that. I be­lieve you’re in charge of your own des­tiny. Even if I go through stuff, I’m not go­ing to turn to drugs or blame it on my dad’s pass­ing away. The world is not go­ing to ad­just to you. You have to move on and take charge of your life. I also really like what Toff told me: If we know life is go­ing to end, what’s the point? You can a) end it now be­cause you want to be in con­trol; b) do noth­ing; or c) live a full life and ac­cept the fact that life is go­ing to end, but make the most out of it.

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