We know all ev­i­dence prob­a­bly points to the con­trary, but there’s hope. We prom­ise.

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Give the good guys a chance!

man likes to think of him­self as a bad guy. He’s “mis­un­der­stood.” Or he “fol­lowed his heart.” Or he “had no choice.”

You (or your gal pals), on the other hand, have a few more choice words for guys. Try “ass­hole,” for one. Or “jerk.” Or “[ insert cen­sor­ship bleep here].”

Not ev­ery man, though, de­serves the venom. De­spite what your own dat­ing history may tell you, there are a few good men out there. And by good men, we don’t mean “nice guys”—mousy, in­de­ci­sive man-chil­dren who use the cover of friend­ship to try to get in­side your pants, and then get all up­pity when they don’t suc­ceed. And we don’t mean “gen­tle­men”, ei­ther—guys who trip over them­selves to open ev­ery door for you and tip ev­ery hat and shower you with flow­ers when­ever you walk by. We’re talk­ing about the gen­uinely re­spect­ful guys; you know, the ones who...

...are hon­est about want­ing to date you.

He wants to date you? He’ll ask you out, straight to your face, and pay you the ul­ti­mate cour­tesy of not con­fus­ing you with his in­ten­tions. He knows that con­fi­dent straight shoot­ers last longer in the ligaw game than the torpe types, and he’s will­ing to risk his ego just to have a shot at tak­ing you out to din­ner. Not into him? He’ll ac­cept it with grace and mag­na­nim­ity—even when it’s prob­a­bly tear­ing him up in­side—but, most im­por­tantly, he won’t stick around. He re­spects your “No.”

...talk about them­selves less than 50% of the time.

Most guys think of them­selves as good lis­ten­ers, when all they ac­tu­ally do is lis­ten to your story, im­me­di­ately re­late it to their own life, and then pro­ceed to ham­mer you with the moral of the story based on their vast repos­i­tory of per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence. No, this guy ac­tu­ally lets you reach the end of your story and keeps his mouth shut most of the time. He knows when to let you ram­ble, when to let you vent, when to let you curse, and when he can gen­tly step in with an en­cour­ag­ing word or two. Never more... and never about him­self.

...lay their phones face­down on the ta­ble when you’re on a date.

All his at­ten­tion is laser­beamed on you. If he really needs to take a call or re­ply to a text, he’ll give you a heads-up first. Even just rais­ing his eye­brows and point­ing at his mo­bile will do.

...don’t go into stealth mode.

Whether he needs some time away to re­cover from a cold or tuck into Fall­out4 or go out for a beer with some friends, he doesn’t just Kitty Pryde off the face of the earth and start ig­nor­ing all your texts. He in­forms you. He risks con­fronta­tion just to be up­front with you that he, too, needs his alone time.

...won’t pro­long the in­evitable.

When that sad day comes when he real­izes he’s not in love with you any­more, he won’t sleep around, try to ma­nip­u­late you into break­ing up with him, or keep up ap­pear­ances. No—he’ll do the ul­ti­mate gen­tle­manly thing, and break it off, cleanly, sur­gi­cally, hon­estly. You’ll hate him for it. You’ll curse him to high heav­ens. You’ll wish he were dead. And he can take it, be­cause he’s not the man you de­serve... but in the end, per­haps, a good man nonethe­less.

There are a few good men out there, trust us

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