Love the good and the bad of what you do.

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - You, You, You -

“It’s go­ing to sound so cheesy, but I think what kept me go­ing was re­al­iz­ing that I loved [what I was do­ing]. When I was younger, I was mo­ti­vated by the ex­ter­nals: I wanted to get pub­lished, win prizes, be fa­mous. Those things are great, but if I had had only that as mo­ti­va­tion, I think I would have given up sooner. Those ex­ter­nal things, we can’t re­ally con­trol. I re­al­ized that I found joy in the process [of writ­ing] it­self, and it’s those things that sat­isfy me now, in mo­ments when I think, ‘Oh, I’ve re­ally im­proved.’ It’s not an ex­cit­ing thing, but if you solve a prob­lem you’ve been strug­gling with for weeks be­cause you kept show­ing up at your desk to try and find the so­lu­tion…i find that’s re­ally sat­is­fy­ing—equally, if not more sat­is­fy­ing that ac­tu­ally pub­lish­ing a book or get­ting a good re­view.” In­the­coun­try (P815) is Al­var’s de­but an­thol­ogy on the Filipino di­as­pora. The book is avail­able at Na­tional Book Store and Power­books.



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