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When I’m work­ing on a pro­ject, so­braakong driven. But I try not to pres­sure my­self kasi if I do, it might re­flect on my work. My art di­rec­tors no­tice and say, “You know, I could see how puy­at­na­puy­atkanoong gi­na­gawamoitokasi­hindi ganoonk­a­ganda’yung out­put.” So I re­ally have to chan­nel a pos­i­tive dis­po­si­tion while paint­ing so it’ll re­flect on my work.


If I write some­thing down, kahithindipa siya­mang­yari, I want to do things that lead to mak­ing it hap­pen. Medyoam­bisyosaako­mag-isip. I guess that re­ally helps me open up my own op­por­tu­ni­ties to go where I want to go, do what I want to do. It in­spires me to be pos­i­tive about things and to see that I can still go fur­ther—and it’s not the end of my jour­ney.

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