Work out, break out?

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Ex­er­cis­ing can give you a hot bod but also skin probs. “If you build mus­cle or lose fat, your hor­mone bal­ance shifts, which may cause is­sues that weren’t there be­fore,” says der­ma­tol­o­gist Jes­sica Krant, MD. Here’s help for the ick. Such a bum­mer. Use a cleanser con­tain­ing ben­zoyl per­ox­ide, like Neu­tro­gena Clear Pore Daily Scrub (avail­able at lead­ing su­per­mar­kets), and clean with a back brush, says Tina West, MD, a der­ma­tol­o­gist in Mary­land. For per­sis­tent pim­ples, see your derm for an an­tibi­otic, in- of­fice “back fa­cial,” or light chem­i­cal peel. “Many ath­letes have very dry skin due to fre­quent bathing… and for swim­mers, ex­po­sure to chlo­rine,” says Dr. West. Use a mois­tur­izer with lac­tic acid, such as Aveeno Skin Re­lief Mois­tur­iz­ing Lotion and Cream. It pen­e­trates th the top layer of skin, so the lotion’s mois­tur­iz­ing ef­fect is more ef­fec­tive. Sweat plus fric­tion can spell disas­ter for your bikini line (and un­der­arms). Shave at the start of your shower, sug­gests Dr. Krant. Hairs won’t have time to swell, so they’re less likely to shrink up un­der skin af­ter. Treat red spots with oint­ments and creams that con­tain acetyl­sal­i­cylic acid to re­lieve ir­ri­ta­tion.

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