Top 10 GREEK food you must try:

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - Live It Up - 1 Gy­ros 2 sou­vlaki 3 ke­babs 4 saganaki 5 mous­saka 6 tzatziki 7 Greek salad 8 taramos­alata 9 louk­oumades 10 olives & olive oil

meat wrapped in pita

meat grilled on skew­ers

elon­gated, sausage-like pieces of meat deep fried cheese

sautéed egg­plant

yo­ghurt dip veg­eta­bles mixed to­gether with a gi­ant slab of feta on top

sauce made of fish roe

balls of fried dough served with warm honey

its place of ori­gin


Fresh spices abound at the mar­kets of


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